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Side Pocket

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Side Pocket is a really nice game of pool. It is amazing and rarely there is a game like this for Genesis. Graphics - 8 The graphics are not too bad and the colours are really nice. Also, the graphics are detailed nicely but the colours are too bright for me. Musics - 8 The musics are okay and a little exciting. I must say that the musics sound a little bit of jazzy kind. Gameplay - 9 This pool game is really fun. There is even a dotted line to guide you in the stages. In every stage, you will need to score enough points to advance to the next stage. There is also a two-player game where you can play against a friend which is more fun than the one-player game. There are also a few bonus stages for you to play too which is a real fun! There are some levels which require you to think carefully in order to score. Replayability - 8 You can replay as many times as you like with the two-player game option. If you had completed the one-player game, I doubt you will still play with the game unless you have friend to compete against. Overall - 9 Quite a fun game, in my opinion. If you like pool games or just a newcomer like me, this game will be defintely a great fun for you.

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