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Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Shonobi 3 without a doubt is one of the best games on the market, when it came to Genesis games in the year 1993. With all the graphical improvements it's hard to believe that this was still the same game that I played on NES called Shinobi. The graphics were leaps and bounds over the original Shadow Dancer for Genesis and you just more options and more things to do. My first impression of this game was Wow! This was better than I heard, it was literal eye candy, and one of Genesis's most finest efforts. The music in the game, the sound and even the looked were all great, and everything was perfectly inclined with everything else. The story on this in my opinion was the finest of the series, and it was truly inspirational it went along with everything that happened. Story 8.0/10 The story was great on this game and I'm a little sketchy on details since it's been a while since I played this one. Well your Shonibi the Ninja master, you are out to get your revenge against a guy who killed your father. The guy who killed your father was some time of a cyborg named Neo, he was a mixture of all the best ninjas in the world and in the past. He has also threatened to take over the world, and it appears that no one could have stopped him. Shinobi returned, and was going to put a stop to Neo's evil treachery. You Shinobi must avenge your father's death, and save the world. Not an easy task to say the least. This seem to follow the typical plot of man revenging some one and saving the world in the process, at least this is a good game that can back up such a strong and over used story line. Graphics 10/10 The graphics on this game were drop dead gorgeous. You could not have asked for better, Sega sure played their heart out in this one, and put up a great game. The Shinobi sprite was vastly large; he was way larger than he appeared on the original Shinobi for Genesis. The en my size was about the same as Shinobi for regular Ninja like enemies, and the bosses were mostly large and highly detailed. The boss that comes to my mind is the big robotic dragon you fought on one of the later stages on the game. This guy was mega tough though, and one of the hardest guys to fight in the game. The sequences were you used your special skill, even though most were brought over from Shadow dancer they looked better than ever in this adaptation. The overall look of this game was just better especially when you were riding the horse, and the guys on the kites were in the background. The graphics were the best feature in this entire game. Sound 8.0/10 The music was good in this game, but I was expected more of a feudal Japan Tenchu like music. This music was nice but sounded more like generic side scroller music. Even though it was some of the best and most memorable music on Genesis, in my opinion it could have been better. Only during the beginning of the game I felt that this music sounded Japanese. The rest of the game was good, but could have been better. The sound effects sounded great, and were vastly improved ver the effects heard in games like swords clashing and shurikin's being thrown. You heard a few voices form Shinobi he sounded more like Axel from Streets of Rage. Some of the bosses had voices as well, and they all had distinctive screams when they died. I have to say the majority of the music on this game was good and it complimented the graphics well to make everything appear better rounded than before. Game Play 8.0/10 This game was for one player only. You controlled Shinobi and he had most of him moves that were in Shadow Dancer. He had his usually Shurikens and when you got a POW he could use his sword when he ran out of Shurikens or was up close. Besides the usually side scrolls you got to ride what appeared to be a surfboard of some type. You got to ride a horse as well; the controls were the same though. You had a nice array of flips and you could climb up walls. Every stage I think had a boss at the end and they all had different technique or pattern to figure out before you could beat them. You got Ninjitsu as well, which were the same ones from Shadow Dancer. They all had valid uses like and were great to use against bosses especially some of the later ones. The difficulty on this game was intermediate and their wasn't' a save or password feature. Overall 9.0/10 This was a fabulous game and marred by nothing of the sort. The only small problem I had with this one was the fact that the replay value was significantly low. I'm talking real low, to the point where if that you picked this one up once or twice after you beat it That's saying a whole lot. The fun factor was pretty high during initial play through, since you had more moves and techniques than the ones you had in Shadow Dancer. The low replay value is the only downer on this other wise good game. The only other small problem I had with this one is the fact that the music didn't sound Japanese enough, that is just from a nit picker stand point. For the most part though this music is better than most of the genesis games that were out at the time. If you still got your Genesis and your looking for a good one, you can't go wrong with Shinobi 3, any fan of games like Tenchu or the Ninja Gaiden series will find this just as great.

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