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Saturday Night Slam Masters

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples This is a review of Saturday Night Slam Masters for the Sega Genesis, it was developed and distributed by Capcom. It is an arcade port of a game of the same name, a version of this game is also available for the Super Nintendo, it is basically the same game as this, only with a Team-Battle mode (like the arcade version), this mode was scrapped from the Genesis version (presumably to make room for the Death Match mode.) This game was released in 1995 and will be scored based on other games from that time period (this mainly means other wrestling games as well as fighting games.) Graphics-8/10- Large characters with good animation,the only real downside is the slowdown that occurs when you're on the floor (note: this slowdown is bad when weapons ase used,at times it is almost unplayable.) Overall, the graphics are great, the sprites are huge and they animated fluidly. Sound-6/10- The music tracks are good, but they are repetitious, this causes them to get old fast,however the sound effects (i.e. weapon shots, punches,kicks etc.) and voices are well done(they are surprisingly clear,but they are minorly garbled.) Overall, the sound is great for a Genesis game, the music isn't tinny and the voices are, for the most part, quite clear. Story-3/10- standard wrestling game fare (win title, defaend title) nothing new or innovative; this is to be expected though seeing as how it was originally an arcade game the bad story can easily be overlooked. Control-9/10- Very crisp,smooth control, the game uses Street Fighter II button mostions for most of It's special moves. The responsive control helps when doing some of the more complicated moves in the game,(i.e. moves with 3 or 4 button combonations.) Overall, the control is great, the only problem area is the special moves. Replay Value-6/10- No Team Battle Royale mode (from the SNES and arcade versions),but a death match mode was added,.it features a ring from Slam Masters 2 as its venue (a ringcovered in bombs, with bomb roards littering the outside of the ring). (Note: Slam Masters 2 was canned before coming out in arcades.), ECW fans or fans of Japanese death matches will love this mode even though it can only be played in 2-player.) Overall-8/10- This game combines great graphics, exceptional sound, super-responsive control, and timeless gameplay to make a game that few who ever played it will ever forget. Rent or Buy?- Buy- This game is quite rare and can be sold for a large amount of money (I've seen copies for $100 on E-bay.) If you are lucky you'll be able to find a copy of it for under $20 ( I payed $10 and bought this game from my local Funcoland.) For Sega Nomad owners- The Nomad is a portable form of the Genesis. This game looks great on it, there is very little blurring and the text is very easy to read (however, with very flashy moves the blurring does pose a problem.)

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