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Samurai Shodown

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Samurai Showdown was released for the Sega Genesis in mid- late 1994, many compared it to the arcade version and the SNES port, not surprisingly, it wasn't as good as the arcade version, mainly due to the lack of the arcade's scaling, but it blew the SNES version away, the SNES version used the far away perspective, while the Genesis version used the closer perspective, this allowed for more detail to be placed on the fighters and made for a better fighting game. Graphics-10/10- The graphics are simply amazing, the game has huge fighters, great animate and no slowdown. Thankfully the Genesis' trademark lack of color doesn't rear it's ugly head in this game, it is very colorful, the backgrounds are among the most vibrant in any fighting game. Overall, they are as close to perfect as humanly possible for the Genesis. Sound-8/10- The music and sound effects are great, as are the voice effects. The sound effects are clear and fit the moves and actions perfectly. The music is excellent, most of it is memorable and every song fits the stage. The voices are good, they are minorly garbled, but It's not too bad, among the best voices ever for a Genesis game. Control-10/10- The controls are flawless, the Genesis 6-Button Pad works wonders for this game, almost every move can be done easily, the controls are tight and never lag. It's some of the best contrl ever for a Genesis fighting game. Gameplay-7/10- You get the obligatory Vs. Mode and 1 Player, Story-esque Mode, they are well executed, this game engine is a dream to play on, but a little more variety in modes would have been nice. There is a decent amount of characters in the game, bad news for Earthquake fans; he's gone, but there is a secret character to liven up things. Overall, good, all things considered. Presentation-10/10- Everything fits the Samurai theme perfectly, from the title screen to the ?Fight? prompt, even the endings. Overall, great presentation. Replay Value-8/10- Like most fighting games, it is somewhat lacking in replay value, once you beat it, there is, essentially, not much to do. The best thing to do would be to try and master a character or two, it?ll extent the life dramatically, this game is deeper than you might think. Overall-9/10- The great graphics, sound, and control combine to make a classic fighting game worthy of anyone's library. If you are an SNK fan, buy this game, even if you are a casual fighting game fan, I seriously doubt anyone will regret buying it. For Nomad Owners- This game is great, the blurring is kept to a minimum, text is easy to read and the controls and sounds are spot-on. Overall, a great game for Nomad owners.

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