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Samurai Shodown

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Samurai Shodown has got to be one of the coolest fighting games for genesis. This took a great arcade game, which was a flop for SNES I might add, into a near perfect arcade import minus a few options. The most important feature that made everyone drool was the fact that these characters were so large. In the arcade Samurai Shodown used Scaling which is a technique that makes the characters look far when they're the whole screens apart, and close when they get next to each other. The SNES version stayed looking far apart and this one stayed with the close perspective. Plus the fact when this was created Nintendo was still using their family policy with less violence in video games. So there's didn't have any blood but this one did plus the two cool arcade fatalities. My first impression of this game was a good one I liked the size of the characters all the moves that were available, and the almost great sounds. Even though the sounds and music could have been better this was still a nice try to bring the arcade to the home system like the Genesis. Graphics 9.0/10 The graphics on this game are great. They really show the Genesis's true power, and are only rivaled by some later SNES fighters. The backgrounds that were in the game were top notch and truly some of the best I seen in a long time, most of them had a lot of action in them. Like the snow stage, when you seen the men back they're rooting for the fight and the birds and animals running around. The character sizes were all nice and large, without any noticeable signs of slowdown. The game moved pretty quickly, but not too quick all the matches had a good speed to them. The fatalities yeah the only two fatalities were both gory and they were done pretty good. The first one was getting stabbed, the other one you got your head chopped off. It wasn't overly gory like Mortal Kombat, but it was gory enough to look realistic. The blood in this game did show and it was prevalent but it didn't come out like showers like the arcade version did. For the most part though the graphics in this game did an outstanding job, and were really beyond my expectations. Sound 8.5/10 The music in this game was pretty good, and it did a good job throughout the entire game. I particularly like the themes on all the Japanese character stages it really sounded like Feudal Japanese music. The opening music was pretty good too, and when I think about it reminds me of the music I heard in Tenchu. The sound effects in this game did a pretty good job, and really sounded like swords and weapons clashing with one another. Some of the songs however didn't quite live up to there arcade counterparts, and it could have been better. I really didn't have too many problems with the music but it was kind of drowned out with the sounds in this game, and many didn't notice this while playing it. The Sound effects though sounded just like they did in the arcades with out any noticeable difference. For the most part this game had outstanding music and sound. The music and sound inside of this game went very well with the graphics, which produced an overall good game. Game Play 9.0/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. It was a fighting game so you had your as usual 2 out of 3 matches, and you proceeded on to fight a different character. Pretty standard stuff here, you had your usual story mode and vs. mode. You also had a tournament mode, which was a lot of fun. You had 11 selectable characters, earthquake, the big cheap guy from the arcade was unelectable. I'm glad too, he was cheating anyway, to make up for this they include Amakusa the end boss as a selectable character in 2 player mode. Almost all the arcade 2 in 1 combos street fighter like combos were here, and in full effect. Some combos however didn't make the conversion, but don't threat all the good ones that were abused were here. That's the only problem I really found with this game, was the fact that there wasn't enough modes to play in this game was just too standard, and that contributed to its less popularity on Genesis. I think with more modes and more stuff to do this game would have been dynamite. The difficulty is adjustable, but for the most part on any level the falls for the same stuff. There wasn't any save or password feature. Overall 8.0/10 Despite the few flaws this was still a good game in my opinion, it was a lot better than a lot of Genesis games out there, and one of the most comprehensible ones for Genesis. It was pretty well rounded, and a lot of fun. The fun factor was pretty high on this one no one could deny the fact that if you had a bunch of friends over that the tournament mode was some of the most fun you could have with this game. The story mode was worth to see with every character but it wasn't mandatory, you should at least see it with all the cool characters though. The replay value was particularly high as well, as usual with fighting games like this one; you could always replay this countless time and come up with a very fun game to play. This was one of the only fighting games out there had a lot of replay value, this one was always fun to pick up again and again. If you played the arcade version of this fine game I highly suggest this one over the SNES version it just sums up better than that one did, and this one is more complete in my opinion.

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