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Rocket Knight Adventures

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Rocket Knight Adventure in my opinion is a very good game, and one of the best out there, even though it has a few fatal flaws that ruins the game quite a bit. The graphics in my opinion were the best draw to this game, everything was vivid in detail and quite colorful. It also had a quite catchy tune, which played through most of the game, especially the end of the stage music. My first impression of this Sonic clone was a good one. I enjoyed the child like simplicity and all the overall detail Konami put into it. I liked the size of the enemies, and the story although done to death still had a few loopy twist and turns into it making this game fresh and interesting enough. This is a game that even though really wasn't necessary and never really got picked up or had an audience but was worth a try. Story 8.0/10 I don't remember names or all the characters too well but I got the gist of it. You were from a long line of Rocket Knights, your name was Sparkster I believe. You were the finest of all Rocket Knights. You had a rival, who I forget his name, who was from a different clan of Knights. He was your ultimate advisory through your entire life. He has joined with this evil pig guy, who is your main enemy. The Evil pig sent his army led by the rival knight out against your world. Your job is to stop all of them throughout many stages in this game. I know details were sketchy but the overall theme was save the world from your rival and an evil doer. Even though I still like this story and it accompanied this game quite well, and made you understand this character more. Graphics 10/10 The in game graphics were quite good I would have to say, and some of the best on Genesis at the time. The Sparkster character was quite large and he was very detailed, he had small and hard to see facial expressions, but for the most part he kept a heroic smile through out the game. The backgrounds in the game in my opinion were the best feature through out the game. Some of them were beautifully done, like the water stage, and when you have to ride the coal mine car. The bosses for the most part were very large and they were highly detailed, you really couldn't deny that this was a well done game in this department and it excelled over most at the time it was made. Some graphical glitches did occur which lowered the games graphics department in my opinion, some of the most common were the occasional blinking, and some times the screen would flash. I don't know if it was unique to my system or my cart but I don't think it was. Even though that the graphics still did an outstanding job and were the highlight of the game. Sound 9.0/10 Some real good tunes played throughout the entire game. You couldn't deny the fact that this has got to be some of the best and most memorable tunes on Genesis. I really enjoyed the stage ending theme, it was very good ad reminded me of the music that played in the Sonic series. Some of the stage music in this game was real good, particularly some of the later stages really impressed me. The sound effects in this game were top notch, and you had a variety of them. Like there was an attempt to give Sparkster a voice when he got hit, or If you kept him waiting too long he would say lets go! Then you had sound of his rocket pack, which sounded pretty cool. A lot of the music in this game sounded a like and could have used a lot of work in my opinion. Some of it sound just like the last stage, but overall all the music in this game sounded good. Game Play 8.0/10 This game is for 1 player only. There were plenty of stages in this game, to play in, and most were easy. You were equipped with a sword and that was your main form of offense. You had your rocket pack too, which propelled you to higher grounds. You could fly on two stages, and that was about it. On the other stages you can fly sort of for a limited time, but it really wasn't flying. You had to fight a boss on mostly the end of every level like older games these guys went down easy. It wasn't until the later stages In the game where you had to fight more herder bosses like your rival. This was one of those, like most Konami games that you couldn't beat on the easiest level. You had to beat it on a later level, in my opinion this was a good thing made the game more challenging for the more experienced players. The difficulty was adjustable, but the easiest you could beat it on was normal. There wasn't any save or password feature. Overall 8.0/10 This was still a very good game, and only marred by a few things. One thing I found annoying, because I'm a perfectionist I like beating the game on the hardest level. I'm sad to report that this game is impossible to beat on the hardest level. Since they only give you one hit point and like 2 lives and no continue. The fun factor in this game was pretty high; you will enjoy your first initial play through in this game. The replay value being particularly low. After you beat this one, there is not much left to do. That doesn't mean you will have a load of fun while playing this game. I would suggest this game for anyone who loved the Sonic series, or is looking for a good old fashion Konami game, this one is right up your alley.

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