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Road Rash

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li This motorcycle racing game is really fun but unfortunately, there isn't any two-player game mode. Graphics - 9 The graphics are quite nice and the landscapes are even nicer. On certain tracks, you can see beach, forests and many more. The graphics are also a bit detailed. Musics - 8 Not too bad is all I can say for a game like this. Personally, I don't notice the musics in this game much. Gameplay - 9 Wow! Real fun! In order to earn money, you must win a race to get money that can upgrade your motorcycle and race in a new track. Depending on what rank you are, you can get more money on a higher rank. All tracks will have their own obstacles like cars knocking you down and etc. Also, you can punch the other motorcyclists off and use a stick (if you have) and whack them hard! Replayability - 7 This game can be played continously without feeling bored if you cannot finish this game. Once you finish it, I don't really know what you will do. Maybe chuck it at one side like me. But, you will sure play it after playing other games for a while. Overall - 9 This is quite a fun game! Add it to your racing collection now!

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