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Road Rash

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Reviewed by AKMooseMan Lucky me! One day I was browsing through a used games/music shop, and saw that I could buy three Sega games for $15. Not a bad deal. Road Rash happened to be one of those games, one I remembered playing when I was in second or third grade over at my friend's house. Back then, I thought the game was great. So I dust it off, stick it in the old Genesis, and find out my opinion hasn't changed a bit. Graphics: 8 out of 10. Very nice for the time the game was made. You're not going to have trouble telling apart your guy, your opponents, or the cops. All of the five levels look different and are quite nice, from the trees in the Redwoods to the sand in the Palm Desert to the... grass in Grass Valley. Sound: 10 out of 10. You probably think I'm crazy for this one. But after several consecutive days of staying up until past midnight playing this with my dad, I never got sick of hearing the songs. They don't distract from the game, and are pretty appropriate. I also enjoyed the sound effects, from the sound of a head-on collision with an oncoming car to punching some poor sap right off his bike. Story: 4 out of 10. Right there, you're probably thinking I'm nuts once again. "What story?!?", you ask. Well, racing games don't usually have a story. But in this, you at least get some little snippets of dialogue from other racers inbetween, maybe even some lip from a cop once in awhile. Add in the fact you've got to build up money and wins to buy new bikes and go on to higher prize money, so there's at least something other than "race until you win" in terms of a goal. Control/Gameplay: 10 out of 10. FUN FUN FUN! This is an extremely fun game to play. Some guy getting in your way? Ride up to him, and punch him off his bike. If you're lucky, you'll grab a weapon to increase your chances of taking some guy out. You have to avoid tricky turns, cars, and even the police trying to bust you. Even if you do crash, sometimes you go flying so far or it's just so awesome it's hard to get upset. Unless, of course, you were in first place. Then you tend to throw the control and curse as your racer seems to casually stroll back to the bike. Replay Value: 9 out of 10. You have to get through several levels of the five races, each time geting longer and harder. You need to save up for a few bikes until you get the best one, without crashing or getting busted and losing money. But it never really gets old. I put the game down about a year ago, then just put it in again the other day, and it's still fun. My only gripe is having to put in a twenty digit password. Why not a save game option? Overall Score: 8 out of 10. If you still have a Sega, this is a game worth getting. The time it was made doesn't make it any less fun, and I'm sure I'll be enjoying it a few years down the line as much as I am now.

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