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Road Rash II

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Road Rash 2 is a great motorcycle game, it was way better than the Super Hang-On, and this game spawned so many sequels. In my opinion this game was way better than the original, with more bikes, and an overall faster and more challenging game. Some of the key elements that were missing from the original have been added on and improved, like the overall look of the bikers, and during the cut scenes. The amount of bikes you get, and the difficulty of this game. My first impression of this was a good one. I liked the size of the bikers, and the way everything moved. Some of the stages like Hawaii had a good look to them, and were quite colorful. This game was worth it, and it took a while to get a real good bike. Some things although still weren't improved on from the original, one of these things being flying a miles after you get knocked off the bike. This was mega aggravating, and really ruined the game. This in my opinion was the only plausible reason for complaining in this game, other than that the game was near perfect at the time it was released. Graphics 8.0/10 The graphics on this game was great, and some of the best on Genesis at the time it came out. The sizes of the bikers were good as well, and they pretty much improved from the way they did look in the previous version. They do run funny when they fall off the bike, and actually falling off the bike looked pretty cheesy. The cut scenes when they showed each biker face, which you just dusted looked pretty good, and the scenes where you ran into the long arm of the law, and the repot man looked good as well. The background in the games looked great and pretty resembled each place you were supposed to be in. Like the dusty roads in Arizona, to the very green and tropical looking Hawaii. Some of the stages really looked a little bland, and could have had better work. The opening screen looked just like the one on the cover. The graphics in this game did an overall good job of replicating the way the game was suppose to look, and showed signs of much improvement. Sound 7.5.10 The sound In this game did reasonably well, and I was quite surprised .In the previous game, the sound was quite nil, and in this one it was better than ever. Even though mostly jumpy rock tunes played in this game, I was still surprised by how loud and well it came across from the genesis speakers. During the game however, you heard some pretty good effects like the roaring of the engines, and the skidding of the bike tires as you tried not to run into cars. All the stages had music, but it was for the most part drowned out by the sound of the bikes as they roared along. Some of the music could have been tweaked though, like the music that was on the Hawaii stage just didn't fit in with the look. Although the dusty road in Arizona worked perfectly, they kind of balance each other out when you think about it. Even though it had its faults, the sounds did work well, with most of the graphics in this game giving it a more complete look. Game Play 10/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. You start off with a bike and for the first few stages its all you really need to get you through the game. Then as time progresses you will get better and faster bikes. You have to be precautions when buying bikes, some times you have to have actual skill to control the fast ones and you will waste your money on them if you can't. You have quite a few modes to chose from in this game. You have your regular mode where you can race against the pack. You have two-player mode where you and a friend race against each other. Also you have two player mode where you both race against the pack, you move at your own pace, and if you both combine for enough wins you move on to the next set of races. Eventually all the races will keep repeating them selves, but they get longer and tougher each time you go. You get weapons, well you are not originally equipped with them your opponents are though. If you time it just right you can take a weapon away from them. The weapons are nightstick, and chain. You can also punch people and kick their bikes, but be warned they can do the same to you! There are also cars along the road considering the fact that these are illegal races, they will move slower than the rest of the bikes, and if you hit one your in for a nice long ride. If you hit too many, cars or into signs your bike will start to weaken, eventually it will blow up. When it is about to blow up, and if you're close to the finishing line your best bet is to run, the rest of the way. You will come in last but you won't have to pay for bike repairs. The cops are usually slow as well, and are easy to pull you over, and stop however they can. You have to avoid the law by knocking them off of their bikes, because they catch up to you you're, busted and you have to pay the fee. The difficulty is hard, and this game has password save feature. Overall 8.0/10 This is a very fun game and only a few flaws mar it. I liked the graphics and the sound but they could have been better. The game was fun so that in my opinion, out weighs the sound and the graphics. The fun factor is very high, this is probably was the most fun racing game on the market, and this is a game you can always go back to and play countless times. This is a game I still enjoy even to this day, and I would advise anyone to pick this game up.

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