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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Ristar is a full-of-fun game that will provide you with hours of entertainment and may cause you to lose your few hours of sleep! Graphics - 9 The graphics are honestly cool. The graphics are highly detailed, full of animations and with a bit of high-resolution graphics at certain parts. Musics - 9 These musics are really wonderful. They have soft, soothing musics with booming, loud and exciting musics at different and certain levels. It's really superbe! Gameplay - 10 Ristar is the one of my best action game for the Genesis! You can perform lots of amazing moves with lots of items to collect. If you suceeded in 'flying' through a bonus level, you must try to collect the treasure in order to get secret passwords at the end of the game. The game itself is not really hard. Some bosses are relatively easy while some are quite hard. There are lots of stages too to complete. Replayabilty - 8 Since there are many passwords for you to get, you will need a real long time to get ALL of them. Unless you get all the treasures, you can get ALL the passwords at one go! Overall - 9 This game is really fun, cool and great! Buy this addictive game now!

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