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Reviewed by Inkhands Risk. Classic board game. I loved this game before I ever owned a single video game. This will always be one of my favorite games, but how does the Genesis version do? Not too bad actually. Risk is a game about taking over the world. There are six continents and many countries represented on each continent. This game is for as many as six human or players. You can set each of the players skill at a different level - beginning, intermediate, or expert. At the inital setup you choose countries in turns, then you can place armies on each of the countries you chose. Each turn you get at least three extra armies to place on any country you own. That number goes up if you have control of an entire continent. That amount is based on the size of the continent...for example you will get more armies for Asia, than if you have control of Australia. You can sit the turn out, or you can attack. These attacks play differently based on the mode you chose. In the board game you roll as many as three dice based on how many armies you have your country and your opponent rolls dice based on how many they have. If you choose classic mode, it works similiar to that. If you chose arcade you get a split screen and your cannon can shoot at their army, while they shoot at you and you have control of your cannon. If you win at least one battle per turn you get a card. There are soldier cards, horsemen cards, and cannon cards. You can turn these in at the beginning of your turn to get more armies. If you have three of kind you get armies, but if you have one of each of the three sets you will get more armies. After you have five cards you have to turn a set in, whether you want to or not. Nothing noteworthy in the graphics or sound departments. Graphics aren't horrible, but I think even the board game looks better than the effort that was put into the look of the game. Same goes for sound. I didn't even notice any music...just the constant clanging of swords together. This is a weak point to the game. The control really doesn't seem important in a game like this. This is a strategic game, not a run and jumping game or a fighting game. If you hit the wrong button, you can back out of it. Overall - While this game won't astound you visually or musically, it really is a very good version of the classic board game that I loved so many years ago. If you liked that game you will probably enjoy this. This is a good little game about taking over the world that can be played through in just an hour or two. It has very high replay value, because if you liked it the first time around, you will like it the second or third time. Get the board game or another version of it if you can, but if this is all you can find, then it's well worth taking at least a look at. Graphics and Sound - 6/10 Control - 7/10 Gameplay - 9/10 Replay Value - 8/10 Overall - 7/10

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