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Revenge of Shinobi

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li This game is serious-like espeacially in using ninjas as your character. Graphics - 8 The graphics are not too good and not too bad. The colours are colourfully used at certain areas together with awesome backgrounds. Animations are really good, espeacially the special powers when it is activated. Music - 8 The background music is of course, ninja-style with loud sounds but they tend to be a little serious. To get better effects, turn the volume on to hear them clearly. Sound effects are not really good as they don't sound quite right to me. Gameplay - 7 The game is a bit hard and requires thinking skills as you have to solve puzzles to continue the levels. Not only that, the enemies are quite hard too and they're not even the boss! If the enemies are hard, surely the boss will be even harder, right? Shurikens can be found along the way to store up powers. Yes, the only weapon you have is shuriken and if they are finished, you will be 'rewarded' a small sword that is short-ranged. Special powers include electric shield which protects you from any attacks, fire to burn the whole screen, double jump ability and another one. The only bright spot I see in this game is that there are even bosses like Spiderman and Batman to fight against! Story - 8 Shadow Dancer has killed the ninja's father and then, he wants to take revenge against Shadow Dancer. Then, the game starts with a long, boring adventure. Replayability - 6 What do you want to play this game all over again when it is serious, even the music! Maybe a game to test out your playing skills. Overall - 7 Not quite good and have rooms for improvements. If you want to try out your playing skills or simply like ninja games, this game is suitable for you.

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