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Ren & Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention

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Reviewed by Shinnokxz "Stimpy's Invention" was release in 1993 by Bluesquaft. It feautured the world hilarious duo, Ren and Stimpy. This game contains wacky hilarious moves, freaky looking surroundings and enemies, and the occasional fart moves. This game is by far one of Sega Genesis's most hilarious Platformers. The Games Good Points... This game is filled with laughter, It is one of the most hilarious games out there. The graphics are really nice too, the backgounds have amazing detail to them. And Ren and Stimpy and the other characters look very lively and realistic, with full animation. This also has an excellent Platforming game system. You learn moves in order to Jump Higher, Jump Further, and Attack Better. The replayibility is also very high. Even though it's a short game, you will always want to play it some more. The controls are also one of the points that make this game I said before, it has a unique system where you memorize moves in order to get further, or higher. The sound in this game is also nice. I thought it was great though because Genesis doesn't have good sound quality. And the challenge is not cheap or's just medium. The Games Bad Points... Some of the games features are quite repulsive. But it didn't really bother me, but it might bother other people. The challenge is medium, but it is real short and easy if you have the difficulty on "Easy". You can easily beat the game in 20 minutes if you do that (I won it in 15 with the easy mode on) But it's alot tougher with the hard mode though. There are also some parts of the game where you will just have to take a hit. Some obstacles will lead you to an enemie, even though it is the right way. But you get a reasonable ammount of life in this game. So you won't have to be frushtrated over the health in this. Game Modes Story Mode: Story mode sadly the only mode in the game, but on how fun it is you won't need anymore modes. You start out with either Ren or Stimpy (you choose at the options screen) And you are brought to a map of the city (there are 6 levels in all). You first start out in the neighborhood, here you learn the controls and moves you can do with your Computerized buddy (ren or stimpy, which either one you didn't pick, oh yeah, this mode can also have Two players at a time!). Once you discover the controls, you move though the game, each level has it's ammount of difficulty...The story is actually pretty good too. Stimpy's new invention, the "Mutate-o-Matic", has exploded, and all of the parts have fallen all over the city. Even though Ren doesn't like the idea of searching the city for his friends invention...but out of the kindess of his heart...he helps Stimpy.The two set out going through a Zoo with killer Giraffes, the Dog Pound, the Wilderness, and even inside the invention itself. This mode will be packed with replayibility for you and your friends! Graphics: 9/10 These graphics are some of the most neat looking platform graphics I've seen on the Genesis. They are fill of colors and animations. You re-act with almost everything in the background. And best of all, with all of these purty graphics, theres no slow-down at all. Ren, with his small tiny mesquito self, looks better then he ever did on the T.V. Screen. And that bloaded fat Cat, Stimpy, looks more stupider and slimier than ever. The backgrounds are pretty nice too. With about six portions to a stage, these change in size, color, and other various things. You can re-act with slimy bubbles, drops of acid, blast of hydrant water, and even a couple of birds who just want to take a refreshing dump on you. At times when the game moves at a fast pace, like when you riding down the street in down town there is some slow down. But nothing to really worry about. All in all these graphics look beautiful and play a big role in the games nine out of ten. Sound/Music: 7/10 Sound: 6/10 The sound is probably the only thing that drags this game to a Nine. Not that it sucks, it's just very well, ummm un-noticeable. There are hardly any voice captured clips in it, except for..."Leave Everything To Me", and "You Stupid Idiot!" and "Oh Joy!" But the occasional slapping noises won't cut the cheese either. But there are up sides to the sound... the hilarious (but only three) voice-ins are pretty funny to listen to. The fart sound are pretty cool, especialy when you are in the thorn forrest and you are pumped full of oxygen and you have to press "C" in order to move, and when you press that, it farts. Thats how you move. But all in all, more Sound effects from the show could've been mixed in, and make no difference in gameplay. Music: 8/10 Impressive. Especialy for the Genesis. Starting from the beginning, the tunes from the show, plus a little re-mixes and a few new ones sound very nice. The main one sounds cool, and the opening cinema one fits in very nice in the surroundings. Nothing really to say here. But if there would have to be a bad thing to say, I would say that sometimes a part in a music tune will replay 3 to 6 times. Nothin real big to worry about though. Gameplay/Controls: 9/10 Gameplay: This game moves real smooth and nice. Like I said earlier, there is an occasianal second of slow-down. But anyways, you can either start of with Ren, or Stimpy, you choose in the options menu. Each charcter has his own set of moves, and other combos you can do with the other Computerized character. Like when you press UP+C with Ren, Ren will grap stimpy, making stimpy fart, and they will go up to a higher platform you cannot reach by just jumping normaly. Or, when you press Down+A with ren, he will use Stimpy as a Jackhammer so you can get through places in the levels that you need to breakthrough too get to. I'll just go over the starting level with you...You start out with Ren, you learn how to attack, either with the fly swatter, or with Stimpy's hairballs. You shoot a couple of fat old guys with lawmowers coming towards you. You jump over a couple of crevices to get to an inside of the house. In here, you will encounter a bunch of little green blobs coming from the freezer. You either dodge them or kill them and enter the freezer, here you have to go up, down sideways, and all over the place to get to a spot where you can use Stimpy as a Jackhammer to get one of the parts from the invention, then you exit the Stage. Pretty easy it sounds huh? Well the next stage is tougher, where you have to dodge man-eating killer giraffes, and try to kill a bunch of monkeys and birds. Controls: The controls are one of the many unique things about this game. You have about 12 combos to memorize and do. Why? Well it's pretty cool how Bluesquaft thought of this idea. To use these you press FORWARD, UP+A or anything of that sort. There not to hard to memorize so this game is aimed at a young teens. The D-pad words good with the controls too, it seems very responsive, and has no sluggish feel to it at all. The more you play this game thoutgh, the more easy feel comes to you, and that bring the replayibility down only a tad. This games controls are fun especialy when you have this game locked up for a long time, then 5 years later you play it again and you have to memorize all the things over again. That probably the reason why I gave this game such a high score. Final Word... If you love Ren and Stimpy like I do, and watch they're show all the time, then this game is for you. There are also other Ren and Stimpy games out there, very late NES games, and a couple SNES games. Now that Ren and Stimpy have came back to television (they did, they came back July 3 2000) they're gonna get really popular I bet, and might even make a few new games, hopefully for the Dreamcast and the Playstation...maybe even the Playstation2 (I doubt it, but it would rock!) Overall: 9 / 10

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