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Prime Time NFL

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Prime Time NFL '96 starring Deion Sander has got to be one of the coolest football simulations on Genesis. Not only is the one way better than the ill-fated NFL '95, it just plain surpasses it in every category. All the big and noticeable problems from NFL 95 were solved here, and added on. You have more features jammed packed in here than ever before plus it is very fast. My first impression with this game was Wow! This is a whole lot better than '95, since they both overall look the same. I thought I would be disappointed, with it, but I sure wasn't. The main feature of this game in my opinion, besides Deion being a free agent is the fact that this game is so fast. Its speed is right up there with Joe Montana '94 and that is a very good thing. This game was well, hyped when it first came out, and I think this was one of the only games that really lived up to it. This was a long awaited game, and this happens to be the last good one in the series In my opinion. Graphics 9.0/10 The graphics were pretty good, but not much better than the ones that were from last year. Some things like the field and he colors used in the game were better, the game seemed quite a bit brighter and had an overall better look. I like the player size though, and this game showed that highly annoying zoom view was gone for good, and I'm glad it never came back in the NFL series. The end zones still don't have the team logos, in them this may be the only rumor about the game that wasn't included. The opening screen where you see a picture of Deion Sanders, and the pictures in the bios all look good and authentic. The in game ball actually looks better in this version, it is slightly larger, and highly visible during fumbles, unlike last year where you hardly seen it at all. Some things could have been added, you never see the audience at all or the referee's for that matter. All you really get is a little message on the bottom of the screen, when a penalty has been called. The players have a few more body movements in this one every time they do a taunt. The overall look of this game is much better, and it really helps out the game a lot. Sound 8.0/10 The music in this game is pretty good in my opinion. I noticed how some things in this game got a little better, but I would have to say in the overall sound department got better. The sound effects sounded pretty reasonable as well, like some of the comments made by the ref's and players them selves. The players said things like, my turf, you can't hold me, I'm gone, and you can't take the heat and much more. The referee said things like usual in a football game like, out of bounds, touchdown, first down, interception and more. These things weren't really needed, but were a nice addition to add to the realism of this football game. Also a point of notice is the realistic audience even though you could not see them. They were the smart audience the type that would cheer for the home team, and boo the opposition. The whole sound department in my opinion did a bang up job, and should not be taking lightly. The sounds in this game such as the various hits, and tackles really went well with the graphics, and there was no lag in-between actually hits and sounds caused from them. Game Play 10/10 This game is for 1 or 2 players. I have to say that this game is full of options, and they are all at your disposal. Every option and feature from NFL '95 were brought over and various more, and some weren't really necessary just fun to have. One of the coolest was the team relocate. You could take any NFL team and change them to any city you want, plus some classic cities, like Baltimore or Los Angeles. Also you had the Create your own player mode which was a first for this line of football games. You customized everything on him, from his name to his college and his position. There were no salary caps so you could create as many super players, or have a team of greats and super players. You also had the team trades, and free agency just like last year, which enabled you to sign and waives players. Deion Sanders starts off in Free Agency, but I he never stayed there, since he had the highest regular player stats on the game. The difficulty in this game has vastly improved over the difficulty in last year's version, the game remains a lot closer than they were last year. No matter what skill level you were personally, the CPU would always find a way to come back on you. Of course there was battery back up for your save players, and seasons. Overall 9.0/10 This was a fabulous game and it was marred by nothing .The most overall impressive feature on this game was its speed, the characters and everything moved as fast as possible, and made the games more intriguing and fun. The fun factor was particularly high in this game especially if you had a friend over playing it, it was also fun to play through the season, and since this one did have injuries, which were actually on field. Also full stat tacking for you statistic fans. The replay value was incredibly high, considering the fact that you had so many options to deal with in this game, and so much to do. This was really fun and challenging, and it would take you a while to sort through everything you had there. This is a game for a true football fan, and one I would not take lightly.

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