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Pat Riley's Basketball

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner I really can't believe all time great NBA coach and Basketball star Pat Riley would lend his name to such an inferior game, well It's True It's True. Pat Riley's basketball without a shadow of a doubt is the worst basketball simulation in existent. I can't believe games this bad are even created not only are the controls bad the music bad, the graphics are bad, no options its just a boring game literally. My first impression after playing one full game was a bad one, I couldn't believe that this thing was even created and don't know why. The graphics are worst than Double Dribble's the sound stinks, and there is no substance to this game what so ever. Another shocker is that this game has absolutely nothing to do with Pat Riley! The only time you even see Pat Riley is during the opening screen, and his face is on the cover, other than that folk we have nothing. No license what so ever, no season mode, any real teams, what a pathetic attempt at a basketball game. I know this is a very early game, but it could have been better than this. This piece of garbage should be avoided at all cost. Graphics 0.0/10 The graphics are super sour, and possibly the worst graphics ever seen on an early Genesis game, it looks more like an early NES game. The court all looks the same with a generic ass blue circle in the middle, which represents nothing. There are two types of players, tall black dudes, and short white dudes, other than that nothing. Every one has the same face and body structure. The dunk animations are less than desirable, and look much like the dunk animations seen in games like Hoops and Double Dribble. There are people on the bench who just sit there with no animation what so ever. The audience looks like a bunch of colorful dots, the animations of dunks and 3 pointers get mega annoying. The same ones kept on coming up repetitively which gets annoying in about the 3 minutes you may play this. Then there was the other screen after the start screen, which showed some basketball players up close, which looked kind of good. All they had was a small intro film, of the entire dunk sequence splice together, which looked mega corny. The graphics needed serious help, even if they did it really wouldn't of improved the game much. Sound 0.0/10 The music stinks, the sound stinks. The music that played in the beginning was the worst midi music I ever heard in my life. The music that played during the game was even worst than that, if that is at all possible. Then there was music that played during the options screen, which was pure crap as well. The sound effects were pretty horrific as well and some of the worst basketball sounds I ever heard in my life let me examine them one by one. The ball dribbling sounds like a typewriter typing. The ball bouncing off the rim, sounds like some one tapped a tin can. The ball going through the net the rare occasion of it happening, sounds like somebody through a balled up piece of paper in the trash basket. Some times you may have heard sneakers squeaking against the floor which were really just sounded like little mice running around. The there was this ridiculous sounding whirling sound every time you went up for the dunk, which real annoying real quick. When you really think about it this game was real bad and one I would definitely not suggest listening to or looking at. Game Play 1.0/10 This game is for 1 or 2 players, yeah right? Like your going to find some one else who will play this with you. Well the only reason this column even deserves a one is because it is basketball, other than that it doesn't deserve any thing. There is no NBA License or an NBAPA license so don't even think about selecting your favorite team, or even looking for recognizable names. What was the point of even making teams everyone had the exact same stats and did the exact same stuff? There was this generic dunk meter, which reminds me now of the T-Meter used in the NBA Live game for free throws. You had like 3 dunks to chose from, it all depended on where you were near the basket. You also had a little cinema screen for when you went for the 3 pointer, although I always looked like you gave your opponent a facial (all net 3 pointer) it would always kindly hit the iron, and fall into the opponents hands. A lot of times you could try and slam the ball but never worked more than likely a point guard would run up and reject your shot. There were sweet spots at a certain spots of the court where next to anybody regardless of their stats could nail jumpers freely, with a 99% success rate. Another huge flaw their was no option to change the time limit of the game, now granted this is in most modern games, because most people feel that a 48 minute long basketball, game is a huge waste of time. It isn't when the game is good, and since this game is horrible chances are you will not stick around past the 2nd quarter. The difficulty is adjustable, and there aren't any saves or passwords. Overall 0.0/10 This is a sorry excuse for a basketball game, no head fakes no cross overs, no spin dribbles, none of the things that make basketball games cool are here. There isn't any season mode really, and you only have 6 fictional teams to chose from. The replay value, yeah right I would like to see somebody even play this game for 48 strait minutes like I did. The Fun factor is non-existent this game is actually boring, and poses no fun at all. I really can't think of any thing good about this game besides Pat Riley being on the cover, and no where in the game. That isn't enough for me to buy a game and though, and unless your obsessed with Pat Riley and want to look at his picture then get it. I still can't believe I wasted 48 minutes of my life playing this garbage.

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