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NHL Hockey '97

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Reviewed by Greatest One The last hockey game I had played on the Genesis before NHL 97 was NHL 94. That was a pretty good game, but it didn't have too many modes or features. NHL 97 brings a bunch of modes to the table, all of which are pretty cool. The gameplay is pretty good. The rinks seem to be sized properly now. The controls are still the same, but there are a few new moves. You can now execute one timer passes as well as one timer shots. Also, every player has a new spin move to elude defenders. Some of the better players even have their own special moves. NHL 97 also features the return of fighting. Even though it is pretty primitive, this feature is a welcome addition. The season mode has been improved greatly. Now you can play a whole season and also have your stats tracked. You also get a variety of end of season awards, including the Hart trophy and the Vezina trophy. There is a shootout mode in NHL 97, where you pick 5 players from a team to battle another team in a shootout. This mode is good to practice your breakaway moves and is also a lot of fun. NHL 97 also a features a skills challenge mode. Here you can test your skills in a variety of categories including hardest shot and accuracy shooting. This mode could have been done better, but is quite interesting. Overall, NHL 97 is a good game and the best hockey game on the Genesis. Graphics: 7. Players look the same. Each team has two uniforms and their home ice. The rinks look pretty good. Sound: 8. The sound effects are pretty good. The music is nice, but needs more variety. Gameplay: 8. Playing is easy and fun. Once again there is a trick to always score goals. If you race down the right side with a right hander and shoot a slap shot from the end of the faceoff circle, its a guaranteed goal. Replay Value: 8. Better season mode and new features increases the replayability. Playing two player also is fun. Overall: 8. Even now, NHL 97 is an enjoyable game. If you are a hockey fan and only have a genesis, this is the game to play.

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