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NHL Hockey '94

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Reviewed by Greatest One Hockey games have become very realistic over the years. Player faces and animations are clearly visible in the games nowadays. But, back when these were only fantasies, hockey games were still fun. The oldest hockey game I own is NHL '94 for the Sega Genesis. I still find the time to play this game and enjoy it a lot. One of the reasons to play NHL '94 is because it has three former Canadian teams: the Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques and the Hartford Whalers. With teams from Canada quickly moving to USA, video games may be the only way we can experience them. NHL '94 had a few modes such as the regular season, which was really an exhibition match, the playoffs and demo. When, you select the teams, you could see the starting line ups for each team. You are also told which player is hot for which team and which player is cold. The arena report is given as well as the noise record. The noise meter was a cool feature in the game. It recorded the loudness in the different arenas in decibels and recorded them. This feature would be cool in today's games. The game itself was pretty fun. The action wasn't too fast, but was still exciting. The rinks seemed a bit too small, but I guess it made up for the slowness of the players. If you scored a goal, the lamp lit up and the siren blared. Also, if someone got a hat trick, you could see hats on the ice. One thing missing from the game is fighting. This is a part of hockey and should be included in hockey video games. Overall, this game is still fun to play, just for the teams and old players. Graphics: 6. The graphics weren't too good. All the players looked the same and the animations were cheesy. Sound: 6. Sound wasn't too good, either. The sound effects sounded weak and the music was pretty bad. Gameplay: 8. Similar to most other hockey games. Scoring was pretty easy, as there were a few tricks. Cutting in front of the goalie always worked. Replay Value: 7. I still find it fun now. Playing two player was great, especially co-op. Overall: 7. Hockey games have come a long way since NHL '94. But, it still is a decent game.

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