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NFL Quarterback Club

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner At first glance NFL quarter back club will seem like an average attempt at a football cart. Don't let that fool you, this happen to be one of the best games on the market in my opinion. When I first got it, I thought that I was in for another Madden clone. Then I played it and seen the fast plays, the smooth players, and all the options this truly did surpass what Madden and the others did. This game has some features that make it better than most out there too bad the later ones never did or they would have been just as great as this one was. Some people will think at first glance that this is your typical football title, and nothing real knew here. This standing out among the clones out there and want to be's as one of the best games on the market in '95 Graphics 7.0/10 Well the sprites were small there is no getting around that. But they did move with great speed and were animated well. I particularly liked the way the announcer looked the one that would talk at half time and before the games. Well he never said anything but there was text at the bottom of the screen, and his mouth moved. The field did look great, and some field's grass actually did look different than others, and gave it a more realistic effect. You did see the audience and they waved and cheered, as the camera would quickly scroll by them. The football was too big though, because when a player fumbled it at least came up to their knees, well you wouldn't want a small to scale football like the one that a player their size would have to carry. The quarterback challenge part boosted some pretty realistic graphics, the likes that I have never seen when this game was made. The profile pictures were as realistic as it gets although the SNES ones did look quite a bit realer and more authentic. The quarter back challenge behind the quarterback view was excellent and you really felt you were behind the helm as a real guy doing the challenge. Even though the overall graphics could have been better things like these more than make up for it. Sound 7.5/10 The opening music that played reminded me of a pre game show music that you hear on Television. The other music when the guy did the pre game show reminded me of game show music, there could have been a better job here. The only other time you hear music is in between quarters and when you pause the game. The on field sounds were great, you had realistic sounding hits, and some player voices. They would say things like I'm gone. The referee also had things like Touchdown, Out of bounds, and First down. Plus many more, the audience sounded good as well. They would roar for the home team a jeer the away team, which was pretty realistic the time this game was made. There was different roars for each thing you did, like the crowd would go crazy when you made a touchdown, but it was only moderate off a big play or first down. This all added to the realism of the football game and it over all made it a good experience. Game Play 9.5/10 This game is for 1 to 4 players. You have a regular season, and a playoff mode which can keep going on and on. You also can have exhibition games, and the pro bowl. The NFL License is not here, but only numbers on the actual game. The other mode besides, season is for old games. You can relive some great football moments, like the Bills Giants game. There are 27 real ones and 3 fantasy one's. Some are easy but some are quite hard. There is also a quarterback challenge. You pick out of 19 of the top quarterbacks from '94, then there are 4 areas they get challenged in, and 3 of them have great behind the quarterback views the other does not. The 4 challenges are accuracy- that has moving targets and some not moving. Speed- this is the only one that is not behind the quarterback, you have to go through an obstacle course for the fastest time. The their distance, you see how far you can throw the ball. Read and Recognition, this is where almost all the targets are moving, some have yellow flags, these are the cornerback, the one's that don't have yellow flags are the receivers you can hit the long one for big points. You can also create your own quarterback, and put him against the pros. You can also put your quarterback in the preseason games, the quarterback challenge trains him. The difficulty is adjustable, but the A.I. really isn't that hard, you can probably win games with realistic scores. This game has a battery back up feature that saves your season and your quarterbacks. Overall 8/10 This is a very challenging game. With all these features especially the last minute option games, you are in for a very good time. The replay value is high because when you win 10 old games you get a secret. Plus the Quarterback challenge is tons of fun. The only problem I had with this game was player size, the y all could have been quite a bit bigger than they were. I guess because they put so much into the quarterback challenge and that all the other features that were in the games this part had to sacrifice. I like the fact that the season keeps on going and never stop, this makes the game fresher, and your guaranteed not to play the same teams every time you decide to play. You and a friend really could have some heated realistic games on this one. This was the first and last Quarterback club to feature the QB challenge. Which are a pretty sad thing considering how much fun, and how cool the QB challenge, were truly the best feature in the game, and how the game got its name. If you are tired of Madden and Montana give this one a try.

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