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NFL 95

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Reviewed by Greatest One Football Games are probably the most popular of sports games in America(Soccer around the world). We have seen a lot of football games over the years and still remember the old ones fondly. NFL 95 was the first virtual football game I ever played. At that time, it seemed incredible and was one of my favorites. But now after experiencing Madden on Playstation and NFL 2K on Dreamcast, I have developed a new found respect for this game. NFL 95 has most of the features of the modern football games. It has all the teams, that were present in 1994. It also has a few special teams. You can play an exhibition match or take your team through a season. After every game of the season, you could even see who the star of the game was and check his stats. Some statistics are also kept. The gameplay is similar to modern football games. You pick from a number of plays on the screen and then execute them on the field. The gameplay is pretty fun, but has one drawback. It is very hard to run in this game. You rarely get runs over 10 yards if at all. Also, returning punts and kicks are almost impossible to be successful at. There are a few players capable though. Tyronne Drakeford is 3 times as fast as regular players and he is the only player I can return kicks or punts with for touchdowns. Overall, it is a pretty fun game and you will probably find it for a very cheap price now. Graphics: 6. The graphics are what you would expect from a Genesis game. The players all look the same with different uniforms, but you can see everything clearly though. Sound: 7. The sound effects are cool and the music is decent. There is no commentary as we weren't so technologically advanced back then. Gameplay: 8. It is quite easy to play as long as you pass only. The controls are smooth and it is a lot of fun. Replay value: 8. Sports games always have high replay values and this is no exception. Multiplayer is fun even now. Overall: 7. If you want a good football game on the Genesis, this is it. Also it doesn't hurt to play as some of the old players such as Joe Montana who aren't present in today's games.

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