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NFL 95

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner NFL '95 was a lack luster football simulation. It was nothing like its predecessors the great Joe Montana series, it improved on some things though, but on most however it did not, and some things even got worst. Granted you now had NFLPA license, and real player, names and a more realistic playbook. You could now trade players, they had bios, and there was free agency, these are all good things, which are in most modern football simulations. Some things though did get worst, like the graphics, the speed the music, and almost everything else that made the Montana series famous, this one faltered. My first impression was a downer because I expected more from this game, because of all the rumors I heard about possible create your own player made, which were not in this game I might add. The game real and main problem was its speed, this thing was slower than 10 yard fight, and just about as ugly. The field showed no life what so ever, there was so many faults with this game, it would take days to list them all. Quite frankly the faults over ride the good features in this game, and it just seems incomplete. Even if it did have a ton of cool features that still wouldn't disprove the fact this game is just not good. Graphics 5.0/10 The field was plain and life less. I could barely tell the difference whether I was playing on grass or on turf, you never seen the audience and you couldn't tell if you were in a dome or not. The players still didn't have numbers on the back, actually everyone wore the number "32". They were all the same size too, and as slow as lineman. You never seen the rain or the snow, when it was rain there was just mud on the field, and when it was snow, the field looked white. The opening scene maybe the only good graphics in the game, you see Joe Montana in his Kansas City Chiefs uniform and it looked pretty good. The football didn't look like nothing either, and you couldn't see it only when you chucked the long bomb, did you see it amazingly show in the middle of the screen then disappeared. A lot of things could have been added to improve the graphics, this one does have the zoom view but It's a gradual zoom, and not the annoying screen switch type. Sound 5.0/10 No color commentary or plays by play like the old Montana games. Had you had to settle for text on the screen, that sucks. The music in the beginning of the game was as generic as it gets and I completely forgot it. Well the game did have trash talking, like when you scored a touchdown, you would hear the crowd gets loud and the player would say woo! You also had sayings like "My turf" "Come On" "You can't hold me" and more. This was probably the only good thing in the sound department, but it was not enough to save it. The hits sound generic and there were probably two different sounds every time you got hit. The ref had his sayings, like out of bounds, incomplete, touchdown and all the other ones found in Football Simulators. The sound department could have been a lot better than it was. Both of these departments together add together for a lack luster football game. Game Play 7.0/10 This game is for 1 to 2 players. This game is so slow you can grab a bite to eat in between passes. Seriously this has got to be one of the slowest football simulators out there. Well, I will talk the good factors of this game first. This was probably one of the first football games to utilize the trade and Free Agency feature. Even though it wasn't realistic like it didn't have Salary Caps, or Team declines, but it was a start. You also had free agency, which was good to store some players. I always considered free agency in early football simulations cheating, because you could take all the good players, and dump them their. And since this wasn't that advancing the never got them out. You had player bio screens, where you would see a small snap shot of the player in black & white, and some of their '93 stats, and their history, like years pro and college. On field once you get passed the slowness, you will realize that this game does have a lot of plays, but some things are a mystery. Like Kick off, it is very hard to actually kick the ball without it going out of bounds, you will think its impossible after several unsuccessful kicks. There is several special teams, as well. You have the NFC All Pros, AFC All pros, NFL All Pros, plus at least 6 teams which are linked up by the region that the guys went to college in. So all the southern and Florida guys' play on the same teams, this adds something to the game but not much to make it any better. The difficulty is adjustable, but on almost any level the A.I. is a joke, you still can have all those unbelievably high scoring offensive affairs. There is a battery back up for your saved season. Overall 4.0/10 This game just wasn't that good, which I should of realize with the ominous title of NFL 95 and not a player backing it up like the previous and future ones had. The main problem with this game is the speed, it is just too slow, it takes too long to make a touchdown, and the controls are too loose. Meaning that the guys never go the direction I plan them too. The game is also too drab to look, which makes it even more boring than it is. The new features make up for some things but not much, its more fun looking at stat sheets, and trying to put together the perfect team than doing any thing else with this game. The Fun Factor was incredibly low, and so was the replay value. If you make it to the super bowl in this one consider your self lucky.

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