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NFL 95

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas The Game: 16-Bit football by Sega. Sega went all-out and redesigned their football engine for this game, giving NFL '94 starring Montana a new makeover. This game is totally new, with a revamped gameplay engine and lots of other new stuff. Graphics: 7: This game combines two different views during the game. When the players are all lined up and during running plays, you get an overhead "blimp style" view where you can only see about 15-20 yards of the field, this view is very similar to the views showcased in Madden games on Game Boy. And whenever your QB drops back to pass, you get a super zoomed out view, like most Madden games on 16-Bit systems , where you can see up to 65 yards downfield. Before each game, there's a screen labeled "Money Players" where you get some nice portraits of 3 of the most popular players on each team. Sound: 7: There is no background music at all during game play which is a good thing, since it makes the game feel more like a real time experience. But what I really like about the sound is all the trash talk during the game, it's funny how Sega managed to fit in all this trash talk for a game made in 1994 with players saying, "I'm gonna hurt somebody!" Gameplay: 7: Well, let's get some of the basic stuff down: There's NFL teams, and players licenses. The game has up to 13 categories in ratings for all the teams, plus there's full stat tracking. For game modes you got exhibition, playoffs, and season where you can play the actual 1992, 1993, or 1994 seasons. Season mode is loads of fun since the game keeps track of stats, standings, and even injuries. You can make all the trades, sign free agents, and all that stuff. Basically, Sega just made one of the football games just like the rest of the one's that are currently out there. Replay Value: 5: Well, the game can be played with up to 4 players with a team player adaptor, but then again, why would all your friends get totgether to play a 6 year old football game any ways? There really isn't nothing special here to keep you playing forever. Overall 6: This is just your basic football game, with a couple of little bonuses, so I'd say you be better off getting one of the Madden Geneseis games, since they are way more better than this game, which is just a tad above mediocre.

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