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Reviewed by Shinnokxz One day, I was wandering down the street to get the mail. I looked up the street a little bit and saw a yard sell. Knowing I had a few bucks on me, I started down the street for it. I looked around and saw nothing that I really wanted...right when I was ready to leave I saw a box. It had the Old Genesis in it for 5 dollars, and about 8 games, which were 3 dollars a peice. I fingered through the games and to that had caught my interest. The first was Sonic, the original, knowing I had all the Sonic games for the Genesis except for the first one, I got that. The last one that I saw was NBA Jam, I had made up my mind...since I loved NBA Jam when I remember renting NBA Jam and having a blast with it. Game Modes Head to Head: Head to Head, is all I have got to say, is one of the most funnest Season modes I have ever played in a sports game. Usually, you'll get bored with a normal sports game with only a few games played. But this one is never to old. I don't know but something makes me want to go play it right now. Maybe Acclaim put some kind of magic fairy dust in the cartrigge so it can go through the controller wires and into you finger tips....ahhh..well back to the world now...You start out entering your initials into the screen. Then you select a team. You get automatically paired up with any various NBA team. Usually you start out against Dallas Mavericks.. but anyways that doesn't matter. Once you have selected a team, you start the game. The controls are very plain and simple. Due to the Nice button layout on the controler of the Sega Genesis, I don't think there should ever be bad control in a game. Well The game goes by pretty fast. There 5 minute quarters, and usually you'll get done in 20 minutes... Multiplayer Mode: This is where the game has one of it's high points. You can connect the Sega Multiplayer port and battle all your friends on your Sega Genesis'! Although There is some slowdown during the game and some menu selections, it is still fun to play a game of rowdy basketball against your friends... Graphics: 6/10 Not the best. Lets start off with the Menu's. Acck. The Font sixe is so small you have to squint and put your head against the screen to even find out who you're playing in the season mode...The court looks pretty good but seems smaller and less atmospheric then any of the other verisons. The characters look terrible. I'm sorry but If I wanna see things any smaller then these guys, i'll go buy ChuChu Rocket for the Dreamcast. But what would you expect? It's a Genesis game, you'll find know award-winning polygons here! Altogether the graphic aare okay. And Acclaim squeezed all the juice out of the Genesis to make them as good as possible. Sound/Audio: 5/10 Very very muffled. The music at the Start button screen can tell you what crap music and effects are in this game. It is vry muffled and can barely be heard when turned down to a normal level. Any music is to low and muffled to hear and review. The announcer sounds alright though, although he is also muffled, (theres that word again) you can still understand him...and thats the good thing right? Gameplay: 9/10 This is where the game shines. The minute you start a basketball game, and do a slam dunk, you'll be hooked untill you finish. You start out to the menu screen where you choose either "Options" "Head to Head" Or "Multiplayer" Lets say you start a season and go to Head To Head. You either have a choice if you want to save the season or just play a game for kicks. You enter your initials...SHK...and you choose your team...I'll ALWAYS go for the Jazz so we all start out with the Jazz vs. Mavericks. You start off with the tip, usually you'll have to lose the ball sometimes in order to understand the controls. You finally learn the Turbo button, and you're off doing amazing stunts and Slam Dunks. Usually, or I anyways, never pass to the CPU team-mate (hehehe). So you get all the points. Thats always fun. There is a flaw where when yous shoot, the announce will go "What an ugly shot!" And the shot will be perfectly good. The controls are very simple to understand, A is shoot, B is turbo, and C is pass. Easy. You'll never want to end the game untill you finish a season. Final Word If you ever see this game, buy it. I saw it at funcoland for 75 cents. Any sports fan will have fun. And any normal Gamer will have fun also... Overall: 8 / 10

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