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Mutant League Football

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas Graphics: 7: Good for a 16-bit game. Electronic Arts gave us an overhead view much like the one used in the madden Game Boy Games. The players are actually nicely detailed on the field. This game was made in 1993 so you still got window passing. A couple of drawbacks are that you only can see about 30 yards of the field during gameplay, and it's reduced to 20 yards when the passing windows are in use. Sound: 5: You got the heavy metal background music, thank god it's not in use during gameplay, all the sound effects are done nicely. Not much to say about sound here. Gameplay: 7: Pretty unique. There's about 14 teams in the game. There's a single player tournament mode where you gotta beat all the other teams, with a password to save your progress, but the game's a blast in 2-player mode where you get to duke it out with a friend. I usually can't last a whole game against my friend because he was always killing off all the players on my team, before the game ends. There's always a few seconds after each play's over to beat up the ball carrier, like in NFL Blitz. The game's a blast to play, but your field view ain't the greatest, especially when you got the window passing on. Replay Value: 7: The game's a blast in 2-player mode, but gets boring fast in 1-player mode, and you really don't want to spend all that time copying down passwords during the 1-player tournament mode. Overall: 7: Despite it's drawbacks the game is still pretty fun to play, and this game paved the way for other arcade type football game's to follow like Blitz and Extreme.

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