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Mortal Kombat

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Reviewed by Greatest One Whenever you buy a game now, and see the ESRB rating on the corner of the box, you can thank one game for it. When Mortal Kombat first came out for the Sega Genesis, it became an instant source of controversy. It was a cult hit in the arcades and its arrival on the home consoles made it even more popular. Kids of all ages loved the game. But, the huge amounts of blood and gore concerned many parents. Some wanted the game to banned and stores like Toys R Us did so for a while. But no one could deny the popularity of the game, and so a review committee was set up to rate video games. Mortal Kombat was the first M rated game. Mortal Kombat is a bloody 2D fighter. The game features seven different characters, all of whom had different moves. Some of the favorites include Liu Kang, Raiden and Sub-Zero. The game competed against the popular "Street Fighter" series at the time. But, MK was a lot more realistic and gory than Street Fighter. The action looked realistic with realistic punches and kicks. Along with the punches and kicks, came a huge amount of blood. The blood would splatter all over the screen as the characters dealt damage. Probably, the feature that caused MK to be so controversial was the fatalities. Each character had a unique finishing move that he could execute to finish off his opponent. These moves were the bloodiest and most violent of all. They range from one guy ripping another's heart out to a character tearing his opponent's head out with the spinal cord still dangling. All the blood and gore may have made it controversial, but no one can deny MK's popularity. It has resulted in two feature films, a few cartoons and a lot of sequels. Even now, MK is probably the most recognized fighting game ever. Graphics: 8. The realistic graphics caused the game to be controversial. You could see the action clearly and the blood was realistic. The fatalities seemed especially detailed. Sound: 8. The music and sound effects were really good. The game also had sound effects for the blood splattering on the ground. Gameplay: 7. There weren't any complex button combinations, except for the fatalities. This made the game easy and fun. Replay Value: 8. You had to play at least till you saw all the fatalities. Also each character had his/her ending at the end of the game in text format. Overall: 8. It still is one of the more popular fighting games of all time.

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