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Mortal Kombat

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner This game is truly on e of the better Genesis game on the market of yesteryear. Mortal Kombat I brought home the arcade goods, and more. All 7 characters made it to the home version, and so did their entire arcade moves and fatalities. Each character was around the same size as they were here, and even though graphics wise they looked a bit blockier and distorted you still could tell it was they. Upon first impression I was amazed at the speed of the game, and how it felt quite close to the arcade. The music did seem a little watered down and just not as good as what the arcade had to offer. Prior to playing this I played the "clean" SNES version and this surely surpassed that. I could pull off the majority of the arcade moves to some effect. Although some things did seem a bit missing, and some scenes and fatalities seemed cooler in the arcade. No one can deny the fun or challenge this possessed on your Genesis though. Story 9.0/10 Shang Tsung an evil wizard types held a tournament where he hands selected 7 of the best fighters that were known on Earth. They all came to the tournament for their personal reasons and goals. The characters were: Liu Kang: Expert martial artist in one of the best fighters on Earth. He came to put a stop to Shang Tsung's evil plan of world domination. Johnny Cage- Another great action films star. He is a friend of Liu Kang and he also wanted to put a stop to Tsung. He also felt that the tournament would lead to his next blockbuster action film. Kano- The world's most notorious criminal. He is wanted all over and he could care less about putting a stop to Tsung. He just wants in Tsung temple to steal the gold it reportedly had. Sonya Blaze: A lieutenant in the army, she enters the tournament to find out more about Tsung's evil plot. She is also there to try and capture Kano her archenemy. Sub-Zero- A super secret ninja who is part of a large clan. The clan doesn't like Shang Tsung and their out to find out why this tournament is being held. He also heard that his dead brother some how came back to life, and is part of the tournament Scorpion- Sub-Zeroes brother has been brought to life and is on the side of Tsung. He also takes this as an opportunity to finally kill his brother, and get his revenge. Raiden- He has no problem with Tsung, and many consider him neutral because the effects either way won't apply to him. Graphics 9.0/10 The graphics were great although they weren't arcade quality they come close to the feel of them. Each character though a little choppy looking still resembles there arcades counterparts. The backgrounds took the biggest hit in the graphics department because they just didn't have the same feel, or look. The pit before was scattered with blood bones, and bodies, now there isn't anything down there but spikes, which sucks. In Goro's Lair their use to be a huge skeleton on the wall and blood and bones now you get one bone and some eyes in the background. The characters individually look the same, and have the same move and body structure as they did in the arcades. Well with the translation, came some of the arcade problems and the major ones too. Like the occasional blinking of the characters. Some times particularly when you jump you will notice that you are walking on air, just like in early arcade versions. Sound 8.0/10 Your usual watered down Genesis sound applies here as well. I was really disappointed that most of the arcade music sounded distorted beyond belief. Although some of the other game sounds, and music make up for it. Particularly the opening theme and the masculine fatality screams. The sound FX sounded as realistic as possible as well, and they at least came close to the arcade quality, which I expected. The punches kicks and wizen sounds of projectiles, and bone crunching punches and kicks. My only real problem with the sound is the music, during certain stages, it was the same music from the arcade but it just wasn't as clear. It sounded like someone took the arcade cabinet and drowned it. Luckily the sound effects make up for everything. Game Play 10/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. You had all 7 characters to chose, from plus find the elusive Reptile. Each character came equipped with at least 2 special moves, and one fatality. You could say two fatalities for some, because with out the blood code you couldn't see some of the great fatalities. The fatalities here were the most gruesome here then in the entire series. Especially since we get the Sub-Zero head rip, which is never seen again in any series, because people consider it to gory to be in a video game. There was over fatalities where heads were decapitated but none where they were actually ripped off. You don't get another decapitation like this until 6 years later with Wu Tang Shaolin Style. Most of the fatalities however looked realistic and arcade like, and still have all the same frame animations. The blood looks good but not quite as good, as its arcade big brother. You really only have 2 modes play, regular mode where you go to the top, and a vs. mode. Then there was a bonus round in between every other fight, where you had to break wood brick stone and other harder stuff all the way up to diamond. This was fun for a while, but it got old in a hurry because it really wasn't anything more than macho button pressing. The difficulty was adjustable, and there wasn't any saves or battery back up. Overall 10/10 Even though a few problems plagued it, this was the start of the phenomena known as Mortal Kombat. They put the gore in games, and made everything we have now look just as great. This is a video game pioneer and it perfected the fighting genre and surpassed what street fighter did. This was also one of the first and only games, that was better than its SNES counterpart. The replay value is high this is one of the only games out there, where you would want to beat it with all the characters, because there all interesting and fun to play as. The fun factor is high especially if you have a friend you have definite fun, and some matches that can go back and forth for hours. If you played the SNES version and were skeptical then you can not go wrong with this one it is truly better.

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