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Mortal Kombat 3

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner What happened to Mortal Kombat 3? I had such high hopes for this game, and when I first seen the screen shots it looked stellar, and one of the best games out there. Then when I actually played it, and realize all the changes, all the new character it just stunk up the place. Never mind the fact that all the "Cool" characters are missing they could of at least added some better replacements than these stink bags. Upon first impression and I looked at the character select screen I noticed many were gone, and altered. What happen to Sub-Zero's mask? Where is Scorpion and Reptile, where did Baraka go? What happen To Johnny Cage? Well one and the only good thing are the return of Kano and Sonya. Cheesy ones like Stryker, Sektor and Cyrax, and metal Smoke and other have replaced the other great characters. This is truly a sham of a Mortal Kombat and should be avoided at all cost. Story 7.0/10 The story didn't even change that much. This time after Kung Lao won the tournament, but it didn't stop Shao Kahn from opening the gates. An army of his best soldiers led by Shang Tsung, have ran a rampage on earth and are stealing souls every where they go. So the Earth warriors as they are called led by Rayden have their final chance to put an end of Shao Kahn's evilness. This time Shao Kahn in listed the services of a Centaur instead of a Shokan. The Centaur which is a half man half Horse are the natural enemy of the Shokan. So one of Shao Kahn's warriors Shiva is not feeling the loayality that Shao Kahn once had for her race. She is secretly on the side of the Earth warriors. The Earth Warriors are Liu Kang, Sonya, Stryker, Kung Lao, and Kabal. They are against the rest of the characters so this time Shao Kahn has the upper hand. Graphics 4.0/10 The arcade graphics weren't bad but they weren't that good either. They looked like the arcade if someone put an arcade cabinet under water drowned it, played with the dip switches and smash the screen 10 times with a sledgehammer. Yes they are that bad everything was so washed out and faded it wasn't even funny. I thought there was something wrong with the color on my Television, but I then realize the game just wasn't done well. The backgrounds were beyond faded, and used no colors. The character size was small, slightly smaller than the characters on Mortal Kombat II. Even the Title screen was faded, this did not look anything like the Moral Kombat I remembered. The graphics could of used heavy improvement, I think the graphics on MKI was better because the characters were brighter and had more color. Sound 3.0/10 If you thought the sound on and high-pitched screams of MKII were bad these are even worst. Now the men really sound like women, and its hysterical how they were so tough a second ago and they scream like a punk when they are about to get killed. The music was also very low, and sounded no where near the arcade sound. Now I'm not saying that the arcade was good, but the Genesis could of done better than this. The game sounds rushed, and like it were incomplete. The sound effects were short of great and they sounded pretty weak and unenthusiastic. If you wanted a good arcade sound this is definitely not the game for you. Genesis has been weak with music in the past but not this bad. Together Sound and graphics put together a weak arcade import. Game Play 5.0/10 This game is for 1 or 2 players. You now have a choice when you are about to play. You can pick which "Column" you'll fight, which makes the game mega easy. First there's the novice column, them warrior and finally there's master. Master column Is for he MK extremist who want a real challenge. You have 15 characters to chose from, and most of them suck. Even the mega cool returning characters like Kung Lao aren't as good as they use to be. Although Kano and Sonya have improved over their old selves, this really doesn't make up for all the missing characters. If this game would have brought back almost everyone from the MKII then it might have had some quality to it, but it didn't and that really ruins the game. You now have a new button, which hallows you to run. This was suppose to make the game more offensives minded and would cut off the cheap opponent who would jump all over the screen. Well it did help there but running left you open to projectiles, and soon you figured out how to disable the run. Then there was an entirely new combo system that mimicked Killer Instinct's a little. Instead of making your own 2 in 1 type combos seen in the other 2 games, you now have to do a lot complicated button presses which usually only resulted in 4 or 5 hit combos. Then there was an intricate password system that would be in the bottom of the screen in between Vs matches player could mash away at the buttons, and sometimes a an advantage would pop up for one of the players. Like blocking disabled, infinite run bar, dark fighting and others. There was the usual hiding characters Noob-Saibot and a metal Smoke. You know have yet another way to finish your opponent. In the 3rd round if you perform a mercy, you can then perform an animality. These are usually pretty cheesy, and not as cool as I thought they would be. The difficulty is adjustable, and there aren't saves or passwords. Overall 4.0/10 This game just wasn't all that good, and I really think it was a failure. I mean come on, there was a Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, what does that tell you about the original? That it shouldn't have been released, I hate remember Mortal Kombat like this. Remembering these sub par games, like MK3 MK4 and Sub Zero's Mythologies. These games hurt the series badly, well this game had one and only thing going for it and that is it wasn't 3D. The replay value, is low with these stinky characters you might only want to see a few endings, and not all of them. The fun factor is medium if you look pass nearly everything you may have some *Gasp* fun! Not really though this game, isn't that good, and if you get maybe on friend over this play this stink bag once That's saying a lot. If your are a Mortal Kombat enthusiast do not get this game, you will be ever so disappointed.

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