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Mortal Kombat 2

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner In my opinion Mortal Kombat II was the height and best of all 4 MK's. Not only was it better than its bloody predecessor MKI it looked better sounded better moved better, this has everything going for it. You get a huge list of characters to chose from, a new boss a new story. All the old problems have been worked out and they have been improved on right here. My first impression was wow, everything was large the characters looked very realistic. The whole game in my opinion had gotten a huge face-lift; the characters were more detailed, they moved better. The overall game was faster, fatalities looked more realistic than ever. Not too many games like this come along, and this changed the face once again of gaming. Story 10/10 After the events of the first Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang was crowned champion. Everything seemed normal, and the world wasn't in dire threat of the evil Shang Tsung. Back in the outer world where Tsung is from his dark master Shao Kahn was getting ready for another tournament. And because of the mistakes that Tsung made in the last tournament he would be in this one as another warrior. Shao Kahn picked his own right hand man, a friend and relative of Goro, another Shokhan by the name of Kintaro. Shao Kahn himself would be hosting the tournament. Shao Kahn was a lot smarter than Tsung, because he also had some of his henchman in the tournament. His henchmen are Reptile, Baraka, and Mileena also Shang Tsung. So he would have at least 4 people to win the tournament to help him take over the world, and open the gates. There were more people against this though, because they didn't want Shao Kahn to open the gates from the outer world to earth. Graphics 10/10 The graphics were truly great and way better than the original. Since this game used live actors they used a better camera that could capture more frames per second, so the characters seemed more realistic when they moved. The backgrounds looked great, they were all dark and had an flare to them. The character size was quite a bit larger, and the moves seemed more realistic. No head rips though and we wont get one ever again in this series. This time we have to settle for a lot of decapitations, and almost every character have a form of a decapitation. The coolest fatality there is would have to be Liu Kang's Dragon, where he turns into a dragon and eats the upper half of your body. Other good one is Shang Tsung soul stealer. The special moves look cooler too; some still look a bit cheesy and unrealistic. While most did make an improvement like Scorpion's "Come Here!" spear. Sound 9.0/10 Well sad part about the music is this, the masculine and cooler male fatalities screams, have been replaced by high-pitched male teenager just reaching puberty screams. This just doesn't have the same effect as it did, it just seems strange and unrealistic. The music during the opening of the game sounds arcade perfect, and it really has that bone chilling effect that the arcade had. The rest of the game music did well too but it wasn't nearly as good as its arcade and SNES counterparts. I was disappointed by some of the music but most did well. As usual it was drowned out by most of the sound effects which did surprisingly well I might add. You had some realistic yells, when doing special moves, and the only thing bringing down this was the unrealistic fatality screams. Well the sound department did do well despite some obvious errors, most of the music I did like though. The darker music went with the overall atmosphere of the game. Game Play 10/10 This game is for one or two players. Some things are missing in this version, which were present in the other one. Noticeably the bonus round where you tested your strength this is now gone and replace with nothing. Some new features have been added to the game though, each character now has at least 2 fatalities, one friendship, and babality. A Friendship is where, the player does anon violent gesture and showing a softer side by doing something cheesy like giving the opponent a doll or like Johnny Cage giving them his autograph. Then there's babality where you turn you opponent into a baby. These two things have been added so Midway can claim that this game isn't entirely violent. You now have some of the old combos' from part 1 and some newer better combos, which have been added to keep the game fresher. Some of the newer ones include Sub Zeroes deadly slip slide Combo, Scorpion's ultra cheap combo and many more. Each character has at least two combos. These combos are unlike the ones use seen in games like Killer Instinct and MK3, there resemble the two in ones that played through out the street fighter series, and other games. The difficulty is adjustable, and their isn't any save or password features. Overall 10/10 I highly enjoyed this game and it's my favorite in the entire series. Most people consider this the best one too, even though hit was low on features and other things that would have made it more enjoyable. It still was enjoyable and it provided countless replays. The replay value was so high because almost, no every character in this game had an interesting story line and it was worth going through the entire game and seeing each and every ending possible. The fun factor was high because, you would want to see every fatality, then you can decimate a friend with all of them. The coolest way to do this is use Shang Tsung, and then pull off their own fatality on them. This in my opinion will go down in history as the best mortal Kombat ever, it had the best everything. I feel sorry for its sequels, because all the goodness was put into this one and none other could compare. The only game even holding a torch to this one is Mortal Kombat Trilogy and it isn't a "true" sequel. If you really want a good Mortal Kombat experience then I would advise you to pick up this game.

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