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Mortal Kombat 2

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Reviewed by Aristotle When I first saw the box of the original Mortal Kombat for Genesis, I thought that it would be the stupidest game ever. I was right. But then I saw the box for the second Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, and I thought that it would be the exact same game as MKI. But I was completely wrong. Comparing Mortal Kombat II to Mortal Kombat I would be like comparing a Playstation game to an NES game, completely unfair. Mortal Kombat II is the game that got me hooked on teh MK series, even though I vowed that I was never going to get into the Mortal Kombat "thing". I play it whenever possible, alone, with my friends or family, with whoever however. The only fighting game that outranks MKII, in my opinion, is Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast, but that would be unfair, comparing a Dreamcast game to a Genesis game. Let's see why I think so highly of Mortal Kombat II: GRAPHICS: Comparing them to MKI, top notch, but to a few other Genesis games that came out when this game was made, average. You can make out the figures of the characters, but they can get blurry some times. Also, the fighting moves (I.E. kicks, punches, etc.) are very drab and look exactly the same as the last time you performed them. But who cares, I think that controls and gameplay are the most important category for a video game. SOUND/MUSIC: Pretty good, compared to Mortal Kombat I. The sound system is excellent, with only a few minor bugs to pick at. I absolutely LOVE the music you hear when you're advancing to the next charcter via the fighting tree thingy. The only real problem I have with the music and sound is that TOASTY!!! guy who keeps popping up during gameplay, I'd like to smack him with my character. STORY: Same as before. A great evil, Shao Kahn, is hosting a tournament call Mortal Kombat in order to take over the Earth and the Outworld. You must choose a fighter and lead him to victory, smashing all of the characters, plus two bosses, Kintaro and, of course, Shao Kahn himself. If you are able to do this, you are named the supreme Mortal Kombatant. Involved story, excellent, but doesn't really change gameplay. CONTROLS: One of the three biggies. The controls in MKII are fabulous, but you MUST have a six-button controller to be able to properly play the game! If not, the normal Genesis controller gets mighty annoying and hard to control. Anyway, there are only five moves you have to master, Low Punch, High Punch, Low Kick, High Kick, and Block, a real break from some of the other MK games nowwdays, where there are thirty-seven buttons. Once you get used to them, they become part of your hand. GAMEPLAY: The most important category. The gameplay of MKII is absolutely superb. Everything flows together as smooth as silk, and the framerate is excellent and constant throughout the game, no matter what. This is what games, in my opinion, are based on. FUN FACTOR: Very fun, very addicting. I spent and still spend hours on end trying to be named the Ultimate Mortal Kombatant with each character every day. That's pretty darn good, considering that I bought this game over three years ago. Add in teh fact that you can have a two-player tournament and you have yourself years of lasting fun. DIFFICULTY: Very easy on Very Easy, medium on Medium, hard on Hard, and very hard on Very Hard. That's basically it, all I can really say for the difficulty is that it presents a challeng each time, but isn't like other games where it's so impossible you simply cannot beat it without cheat codes or being a master gamer. And not like other games I know, where you beat it in five minutes, either. OVERALL: This is an excellent Mortal Kombat game made by Midway, I still say that this is the best game, even with MK Trilogy and MK3. BUY/RENT: You can do either, buy for its one-player mode, or rent for its two-player mode. I recommend a buy, though, because you'll want to keep playing it for a loooooong time, and it only costs about $9.99 where I live, so get it right now. If you don't, you have problems. GRAPHICS: 8/10 SOUND/MUSIC: 6/10, 10/10 STORY: 9/10 CONTROLS: 10/10 GAMEPLAY: 10/10 FUN FACTOR: 10/10 DIFFICULTY: 9/10 OVERALL: 9/10 NEXT TO LAST THOUGHT: The only thing that brought MKII's rating down to a nine is the fact that it can get a tad repetetive sometimes. That's all. LAST THOUGHT: Be sure to get a six-button controller before buying this game!!!

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