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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Help One word really sums this game up short. I mean the graphics were great, and the Power Ranger's song was here, but the game was way too easy. I know it was for kids and all but, this is pathetic. Story If you watch movie, then you should know the story. The Evil blue guy, takes the red guy's place, and kicks him out. He wants to take over the world, then the Head guy realizes this and calls on the Power Rangers. Wow not an original movie or game. Graphics The graphics were good. The characters do look like there movie counterparts. The backgrounds do have movie scenes in them, and some show scenes. The big Robots looked nice as well, and close to the show counterparts. OK everything graphic wise is great no complaints here. Music The show's music is here, and it sounds like it. It's a big relief that it is only at the beginning, some songs from the movie are here as well. These are very close to the movie, not that they were very good or remarkable, but they had quality. The Sound FX was good too, punching and kicking and other sounds that were found in the show made it as well. I have no problems with the music or sound as well, no problems here either. Game Play This game is for 1 or 2 players. You can pick any power ranger there all here. They have their own special moves, and at the end of some levels you get to be the robots. The main problem is this, the game is too easy. I mean I could beat this with my eyes close. There is no challenge what so ever, my first time playing it I beat it in 30 minutes. Good thing I didn't pay for it. There are maybe six levels, and all the guys go down with one hit. The bosses might take 4 hits tops. The difficulty is adjustable but on any level it is still easy. There aren't passwords or battery back up. Overall 5 out of 10 The game is overall average, and too easy. There really isn't any replay value unless you have about 10 minutes you want to waist playing through again. That is my major gripe about this game, if the difficulty would have been higher, and maybe a couple more stages, it might have gotten a higher score. Power Ranger fan will love it.

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