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Mega Bomberman

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas The game: You gotta know the Bomberman games by now! You know, the guy in a weird space suit, goes around dropping bombs, blowing up stuff, yeah that game. Graphics: 7: Just like most early Bomberman games. You got the overhead view, with a maze filled with Bomberman characters and blocks. Instead of just getting plain old Bomberman here, you can choose from many different types of Bombermen to play as such Police Officer Bomberman, Medic Bomberman, and some other crazy ones too. They all look great and are a lot easier to tell apart too, so you don't get mixed up in the heat of battle. The mazes look great too, all with a great deal of variety, my only complaints are that the most of the graphics are pretty simple, and the explosions look pretty awkward. Sound: 6: You got a weird opening music theme, that sounds like a cheap old Star Trek theme, but I guess it fits since the opening cinematics are those of a space ship with Bombermen crashing on a planet. Most of the sound effects are rather simple, but fit the game well, such as the exploding bombs, and the weird sound that lets you know that you're dead. Gameplay: 8: Bomberman games are rather simple, you wander around in a maze, blow up blocks, and get some power ups to help give you an advantage to the game, and try to blow up your other Bombermen opponents. The single player mode is rather boring, just blow up your monsters in levels, and then blow up a huge boss, but the game is pure fun in multi player mode, where up to 4 people can go at it. Your power ups are pretty helpful, where they can make your explosions bigger, help you carry more bombs, be able to kick and throw the bombs, plus there's a mystery "skull" icon where a mystery event will occur such as making your controls go work backwards, moving super fast, instant death, and there's a couple of other wacky one's too. This game incorporates new kangaroos in the game, where if you move on an egg icon, a colored kangaroo will appear, each one has a special ability, such as kicking blocks or bombs, hopping over blocks or bombs, or moving super fast, these make the game a lot more fun to play, and adds a lot of extra challenge to the game. Replay Value: 7: The single player mode is nothing to die for, but the multi player mode is. You'll be playing this game for hours with your friends, so this game might be a blast for months on end, just because of the multi player mode is so fun to play, and you might not find another substitute for it! Overall: 7: If you're looking for a single player challenge, avoid this game at all costs! But if you're looking for some great multi player fun, diefinately pick up this title, This is possibly one of the greatest multi player games on the Geneseis!

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