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Madden NFL '98

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas The game: The best 16-bit football game series on the Genesis makes it's last run on the system with this last game. Is it just another repeat of last year's game, or is it something new? Either way, this is gonna be a major Geneseis collectable. Graphics: 7: Oddly, the character animation seems to be better than the SNES version of the game, players bend and taunt, and point before the snap. But unlike the SNES version, there is no bleacher banners, also missing in action is the team's logo in the end zone, just the team's main color. All the player's look great and the field, and even have more detail than the SNES players, but there tends to be a lot of flickering during game play. All the menus look fine and are easy to read and manage. A new animation to this year's edition is when there's a penalty during a play, a ref will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen and will toss a flag onto the field which looks kinda cool. Sound: 7: You got the FOX theme music here, even though it sounds a tad annoying in midi form. All the sound effects are all right, like tackles, the ref calling the penalties and scores, and so on, you even hear a little shuffling of cards type of sound to let you know that an injury happened during a play. But the showcase of the Madden games are the Maddenism's with Pat Summerall and Madden adding there little own comments such as "I heard there heads collide way up here!" and "He'll be having nightmare's for weeks!" These can get annoying and repetitive for some, but Thankfully you can turn the Maddenism's off. Gameplay: 8: The Madden games for Genesis are simply the best, and are the one's to beat. The game is just so fun to play, you might just wanna take a break from the current PSX, N64, and DC football games to play a game just for the fun of it. Any ways, there are just so many different ways to play this game, you can do an exhibition game and customize quarter length, game weather, the game location, and so on. You can create your own players, and sign them up on teams, you can also trade players too, and make a team of all-stars, but you gotta make sure to stay in the salary cap range of your team. Season mode is great, and you can play a whole season, all the way to the Super Bowl. The game keeps track of all the stats and injuries during your season as well. A new mode of play is the Super Bowl mode, where you can replay the past 10 Super Bowls, with the rosters for all the teams of that year, for example, you can play as Joe Montana and see if you crush the Broncos by an even larger margin than they did before in Super Bowl 24. The feature is really fun, and a great plus to the game. Replay Value: 7: The new Super Bowl mode is great, and up to 4 players can play the game for an all-out party! So these feature can keep you playing this game for hours. Overall: 7: A great final chapter of the Genesis era of football, and if you don't own any Madden games for the Geneseis yet, you may as well pick up this copy any ways, but if you already own Madden '96 or '97, this game is about 90% the same as those titles, except with the updated rosters and teams, and new Super Bowl mode, and a couple of other additions like new animations and such, so if you already own those, you're not missing out on nothing much here.

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