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Madden NFL '94

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Big Johnny Madden is back with a better game and an overall improvement from last years awesome game. This time the game has better graphics, an ability to turn the passing windows off, more options more teams more Maddenisms. My first impression when I got this back in 1994 was wow! The players were huge they moved better, the overall look was better and EA Sports sure served a good one with this football instant classic. Some things still were left pestering that did hurt the game slightly, and some features would have been nice. You won't really notice these missing features until you delve deep into the game. Well even with flaws problems, and other things this game still does pretty good, and it makes it to the Super Bowl!! Graphics 7.0/10 The graphics were good but they could have been better. The men were only slightly larger than they were last year, and not too much noticeable improvement with the way they moved and reacted. The field looked a lot better though the grass and the turf actually had a difference in this one, and so did other on field weather conditions. Some were the same were returning, like Snow rain Mud, Turf and grass, they also had night and Dome. The night doesn't look any more different than dome but there, is with passing because players seem more incomplete prone than you would on a sunny day. The player size was slightly larger and there were a few different on field after touchdown celebrations. The players actually look they are bending knees in this version as well, instead of them just look like their just walking fast. Some other difference are last second, some Quarter back through left hand some are right handed which doesn't improve much but adds to the overall realism of this football game. People still don't have numbers on their backs, well if you count all the ominous 11's but they do have numbers under them to help add to the realism. Sound 8.0/10 This game was packed with wittier Maddenism than ever. Big Johnny said more on field phrases like; Quarterback can't hold the ball that long, and Boom POW, and some others. There wasn't any play by play commentary found in the later Genesis Madden games, and PSX ones, so this really didn't compare when you think about it like that it doesn't quite compare to games like Joe Montana '94. The sound effects on field are great you get realistic sounding hits and the grunts of the lineman in the trenches. You also get the different sounds for different types of hits, like sacks and just spin off tackles. You also get a little tune in the beginning of the game, which isn't real good, but I do like the touchdown music. The quarterback does call katans, and you can understand what he is saying. The referee says things as well, like pass interference touch down, first down, and interception. The sound department is slightly better than what is the graphics did, but both of them are just slightly above average. They do much to help this football game above average. Game Play 9.0/10 This game is for one or two players. You have all 27 NFL teams, not including the Panthers or Jaguars, or the newly developed Browns, because of course they didn't come out yet. You get a better playbook than the one seen last year with realistic formations and newer plays. The newer plays were modeled after some of the plays that were currently in the NFL at the time. You still don't have 2 point conversions, which is a huge mistake when you are behind in a particularly close game. Some features which were not found which I would of liked were trades, and Create your own player even though these features were found in the later versions, but I was disappointed. When this first came out rapid rumors flew about it being included in this game as well. Besides the regular ways to play like Season, Playoffs and Exhibition, you had different games. There were the all time teams, and the special teams, which were from the year they have played. You could do exhibition games with all teams including All Madden and All Madden All time. The season mode with the regular teams, and two separate playoffs with the other teams. This really added to the overall enjoyment and fun of the game. You had the option to pass through the windows or go without them. I'm glad they changed this those passing windows were a killer for hungry defenses ready to sack you when you weren't looking. You also had team full stat tracking which you could check any time and a score board. The difficulty is adjustable and there are saves with battery back up. Overall 8.0/10 This game was very enjoyable and it really improved on last year's version. With key feature changes like the option to get rid of passing windows and Madden rants before each game to give you an idea of what was in stored for you or the team you picked. Although some things would have been a nice addition, like faster backs, they seem to get tired on long plays and somebody like a corner back or free safety could catch on with them. The replay value is high because with all the old and all time teams you can have some dream games, you would have never thought possible. Some of the playoff and season modes are fun so you won't be putting it down for a while when you get it. The fun factor is high to when you're with a friend or a few friends going head to head, you can play back and forth for hours. Especially with the stupid A.I. on this one expect some very high scoring games. Just those few problems hamper this over wise very good football simulation. If you are in dire need of a good football simulation and 1994 was your year look no further than Madden NFL '94.

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