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Lion King

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Lion king is one of those games that come along once in a lifetime, and that you will never forget. The graphics alone were enough to sell me on this game, everything was beautifully done, and motion picture like. The sound was top notch as well, and I heard some pretty good music redemption's being played through out this game. The story to this game I always liked, and I'm glad this Disney title follows it to a Tee. Upon first impression the colors, and the wonderful graphics and scenes that looked like they were strait from the movie amazed me. I truly could not ask for a better Movie to home translation than this one. Story 9.0/10 This is truly a story for the ages and it was an instant classic. You are Simba, Prince of Pride Rock. He is in line to become the next King you follow this colorful childish story from Simba's youthful days frolicking through Pride Rock until he is a full size Lion. As the story progresses you can tell the different parts of the movie which is supposed to be like, for instance first you are in Pride Rock. Then you are in the scene where Simba fools the bird, and explore the Elephant graveyard. You keep following the movie plots and elements until you make your triumph return to Pride Rock as a full grown Lion. Graphics 10/10 The graphics in this game was truly excellent and some of the best the Genesis had to offer. To the facial expression that young Simba showed, when he roared and when he had that adorable youthful look on his face. The bugs that you fought as a cub were truly detailed as well. When the Hyenas barked, and scratched they had seen realistic as it gets. When Simba became a full-grown cub, he was very life like, and he moved and ran actually resembled a real lion. The way he would scratch and fight the panthers and other animals in the jungle kingdom seems very realistic. The backgrounds were beautiful a lot of colors were used and put into them. All of them looked much like the movie and were very plush and life like, they resembled the beautifully music pictures to a Tee. Some in particular was Hakuna Matata and the original Prime Rock, with the beautiful water falls, and greenery resembled very much the movie Hakuna Matata scenes. Sound 10/10 These songs sound exactly like I remember them from the movie. All the classics were here like Circle of Life, Just Can't Wait to be King, and Hakuna Matata. Each one sounded quite similar to what was heard in the movie. The music surprised me especially it being on a Genesis game, which are not known for their great sounds. The sound effects were equally as good. With the snarl of young Simba to the gigantic Roar of full grown Simba. The voices used like Timon and Pumbaa was great as well, and they said some of their phrases from the movie, which all sounded equally as good. Then the other sound effects like the bark of Hyenas and the separate roar of the Panthers you fight as a full-grown Simba. The music in this game did not frown out the sound effects like many would think. They actually went hand in hand and produced a great game in the sound department. Together both music and sound made this game quite a treat to watch and listen to, and gave you a great atmosphere of what was in stored in the later parts of the game. Game Play 9.0/10 This game is for 1 player only. You start as young Simba and your only equip with a roll, flip, and a snarl. This can get you past the many bugs you must face and Hyenas. The snarl sometimes made things shake if it was fully powered. However when you became an adult your move based change significantly. You know had a scratch a hind leg flurry, and a throw, plus you could jump on enemies and scratch them. Your roar could actually kill smaller enemies like the annoying chimps, when fully powered. Then you had some bonus games, 2 different ones. The first was where you controlled Pumbaa and Timon through bugs to you from a branch; the more bugs you getting the better. After a while he may throw you a continue or an extra life. Then there was the one where you got to be Timon, and you had to go through a stage that was pretty much like the stages Simba sees and collects as man bugs you can find. 10 will give Simba an Extra life, 20 and extra continue. You have time limit as well, so it may be hard to get them plus the black bugs will kill you so be on the look out. There are also some bugs Simba can get that will give him extra life, or a longer roar meter or life meter. Your roar meter has to be full in order to do a full powered roar. If it isn't then your roar or snarl will have no effect. The game difficulty is adjustable, and their isn't any save or password feature. Overall 9.0/10 Even though I really enjoyed this game, and think it one of the better genesis games it to has it its problems. Mainly the fact that it is only one player, when in fact there were two characters Simba and Nala and if there was two players it would of made the game twice as enjoyable, with two separate scenarios for each. Also I know this is for kids, but this game basically provides no challenge for experienced players even on the hard setting. These are my only two gripes with this other wise flawless game. The replay value is low, because this game is so easy that you will probably blow through it in a day or two, depending on your skill level. The fun factor is medium, it is very fun to play as Simba during your first play through and see the advancements he makes through the game during the different scenery. If you loved the animated classic then this game is definitely for you.

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