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Last Battle

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Last Battle in my opinion was a pretty good game once you got use to it. It was almost like Fist of the North Star a game that many of my reviewing peers have bashed, the similarities lies in the main character because his moves are very similar to that of the main character of Fist of the North Star. The graphics the sound and even the story on this action/RPG are quite good. This is a very old game and it was one of the first wave games but it looks better than most first wave Genesis games that I have seen. Some areas in the game could have used some work, but most were good and at least make this game stable. Too bad this game never made it to the big time; it was easily one of the best first wave Genesis games but improper funding probably contributed to it not being very good. My first impression on this game was a good one because I liked the large size of the main character and the size of the enemies, and marveled about how easy it was. This soon changed went I went up against the first few bosses and found my self frustrated about the difficulty some of the later parts of the game had. Story 7.0/10 I don't remember the whole story in its entirety because it was very long and involved. It was about a man named Aarzack, he must free Athena against this evil guy. The evil guy had a brother who was once your friend. Actually when I think about it they tell you the entire story and events in the game after the start screen including the ending. I didn't realize this to I beat the game and I thought that was a gyp because you really didn't have to beat the game in order to see the ending or at least read about it. All you were doing was reliving the events of the game. Well if you read the story it is very good and involving, and almost RPG like. Graphics 9.0/10 The graphics for the time this game was made were very good, and some of the best that I have ever seen. The character size was nice and he moved very quickly and fluently. The enemies did the same thing and basically ran at you with a weapon, there was other types that through stuff at you as well. The backgrounds did change in every area of the game that you visited, and sometimes you would see things like a castle in ruins, and mountains and the sea in different areas. The bosses were nicely detailed as well, and truly they all looked good, and different from one another. Although some spots did look a little old looking and not as good especially fire scenes and what not. The backgrounds could have been better because after a while it's just palette swaps. The dungeon, do look the same all the time, with maybe a few torches on the wall. As a whole the graphics department did well, and only had a few complaints. Sound 7.5/10 The sounds were good but they didn't jump at me. Much like usual Genesis sound it fell short of the other categories. Not that the sound was particularly bad, it was just very low and kind of drowned out by the effects. All the music throughout the game sounded the same, except when you were in a dungeon or other place like a boss. The sound effects were what were mostly prevailed in the sound department. The sound FX stayed the same though with a little sound when you attacked an enemy or blocked their projectiles. He would say Ya! When he broke his shirt he would say that as well. As a whole the sound department did ok, and it really doesn't do much to help the graphics on this game. Game Play 8.0/10 This game was for 1 player only. You fought a lot of enemies through the course of this game, and most of them died very easily. Just like in Fist of the North Star for NES they would fly across the screen when you kicked or punched them. Under your energy you had a pow bar, and when it got full you were more lethal than ever. Normally when you walked around you had a shirt on and you were limited to a few moves like a jump kick one punch and a kick. When you pow meter got up however you would rip your shirt and be stronger quicker a would throw a combination of punches and kicks and not just one. When you beat an area you would come to a map screen that resembled the Mario games and Donkey Kong. You had your choice as where to go, but sometimes you had to go to certain places first and talk to a person and come back. When you came back you would usually find a dungeon where you would have to fight through. The dungeons well, the later ones are usually huge and hard to get through it will take a while before you figure most of them out. The difficulty is intermediate, and there isn't and saves games or passwords. Overall 7.5/10 This is still a very good game and I recommend for anyone who is looking for a good challenge. My gripes with this game are few. The only problem really is with the music if it would have been better or at least much prevalent it would have made the game more enjoyable, because you really can't hear it and the sounds usually cover it up. My only other problem is with the difficulty once you learn this game it becomes easier, but some bosses are insanely difficult and you have to be some sort of a master, Or unless you want to use a cheating device such as a Game Genie, to beat the game. The replay value is low, not much to do after you make it to the end of this one, but it does give you that ahhh feeling like when you play most NES games. The fun factor is medium and you won't be having too much fun, because it does become tedious making back in forth through areas and what not. Well this is still a great game and I would still recommend it even with its few flaws.

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