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Joe Montana Football 94

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Joe Montana '94 comes back with a newer and updated version from last year, some things have changed most have not. Only a slight few problems that plagued Montana 3 have been corrected, as for the most part they have not been corrected. The graphics still look the same, the sports talk is more plentiful than ever the game still plays the same, and the A.I. is still stupid. When you really think about it there is not much new here, besides player's names and battery back up for your seasons. Well when I first played this game I notice very little change from last year, and this is exactly how I felt I was just hoping some things have changed for the better some did but the main problems still are here. Graphics 9.0/10 The overall field view got a little bit better from last year. It looks a little bit more realistic now than ever and it has a bit more color to it. Gone are the Sega Films of the audience and things that made the game look realistic. Now we have just cheesy drawings of ref's and no audience or player clips like before. You do have two new camera views, which make a total of 7. First theirs the view from the blimp, which is very far away and it makes everything look like a play diagram. You also have a horizontal view reminiscent of older football sims. You have overhead behind the quarterback view, which is behind the quarterback, same type from last year. Then you have a closer up behind the quarterback view, which is better than before. You also have two behind the defense views, which are good to see the on coming blitz but bad for the passing game. The cool looking zoom view is back, and the players look even more detailed during it, than last year's version. As a whole the graphics department did well to represent a great looking football simulation. Sound 9.0/10 The sports talk has much improved over last year's version; there is even more sayings quotes and it sounds a little bit realer as well. The music during the beginning changed and it sounds like the old NBC pre game show music quite a bit. Other than the music in the beginning and in-between quarters there isn't any other music at all. You get some great on the field sound effects though, and they sound more authentic this time. You get the usual hits and now you even get grunts from the players when they take a big hit. The sports talk sounds the best ever, and its too bad this is the last Genesis football title to feature it. Some new quotes the announcers said is good, and he sounds a little more "human" in this version. As a whole the graphics and sound department did good work in this game and made it better than before. Game Play 7.0/10 This game is for one or two players. You have all 28 NFL teams excluding Panthers and Jaguars since there weren't in the league yet. You have a more up to date play book, even though it still has the fake play names, you can usually tell what they are by looking at them. You now have a few newer features than last, which help the game a lot. You now have full stat tracking and league leader list. These might not mean much to you but to people who like to watch their statistics this very well, and it makes you hungrier to win some of those scoring titles. You also have real player names for each player, if you look after the play, they will has it on the top of the screen, example: J. Rice first down. Even though only by knowing what part of the field they are on is the only way you can tell who is where. They even have their own individual stats even though you really can't view them, you have to kind of know about football in order to figure out their stats, which I have noticed. There is also new a 3 season mode, which is much like the 3 season from Tecmo Super Bowl. You can not play them in a row though you beat one then chose the next one from '92-'94 That's it. The only thing bringing down the Game Play department is that annoying Zoom view. At least this time people can't pick the ball off a mile away though. You still line your self up with the ball, and watch is zip over your head. The A.I. is still stupid they still follow you like a bunch of lost puppies, and you can still make the easy score. The difficulty is adjustable, and there is battery back up saves. Overall 8.0/10 This one was slightly better because, it wasn't as defensive heaven like the last one was. Instead of getting the easy interception you now I have an easy fumble. The replay value is medium because you might want to go back and beat the old season as and the new one just to say you have done it, and get a different variation of plays. I'm glad Sega decided to get rid of the password system because we all know hackers like myself liked to dig in and find out how to get the super bowl. Which completely ruined the fun of the game, now you have to earn it to get to the Big One. The fun factor is high, because like last year it is very easy to score if you use the right play that is, and you should be in for some very high scoring offensive affairs. Since the defense has been harder to get. Well when you think about it besides the horrid zoom this game was quite good and fun and way better than its sequel and the last sports talk game proved to be one of the better ones. If your looking for a good oldie classic for your genesis look no further than this cart.

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