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Jeopardy: Sports Edition

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Jeopardy Sports Edition was a challenging game. Know not because of some mega hard boss, or intriguing story line, or even it being a lot of fun. This game really tested your sports knowledge, and you had to be pretty good to beat it. I actually had a good time playing this game, every time I pick it up I find new questions I never been asked before. Well that is because there are over a thousand questions, and this game is kind of sports educational. After a few plays of this your old sports knowledge will increase, and you have to either get a good shake of categories that you are familiar with, or you might just go home with nothing. Graphics 8.5/10 Since this game really doesn't have a set "story" if you would like to call it that. I will talk about the graphics. The graphics were stellar, and each character was real large in highly detailed from a far. Trebek was done well as well, he looked like his television counterpart too. The set resembled the older dated one that was on the show not the newer sleeker one where use to seeing today. When I said that the players look good from far away is this, when you get up close they look real grainy and pixilated, but from far away they look good though. You will notice this even when you first play it, that the characters just don't look good close up. Even though they don't look good up close this doesn't take away from the graphics at all. When you think about it these are some of the best graphics on genesis not too many games have people that look this realistic. Their isn't an audience and I find that strange, well if you count the flat audience you see during the beginning of the game, during the title screen. Overall everything in the entire graphics department did a good job of making this look as realistic as possible. Sound 8.0/ 10 The music in this game was great. Hey who didn't love the old jeopardy theme; this is a good midi re make of the theme. Even when the game starts up you here grainy voice say "This is Jeopardy" well that was pretty good too. When you play you hear all the noises from the game like the buzzer and Trebek's voice. Alex Trebek said quite a few things though, like I'm sorry, Categories, and the correct response. There wasn't any other music in the game besides the Jeopardy theme song, and the Final Jeopardy music, which goes slower than the theme song does. Both of these songs are the older version, and not the one's you may be use to listening to today. Sound effects were at a minimum besides when the categories are being called off, and you hear that little note for each one and the buzzer you don't hear much else. As a whole the graphics and sound work well together and produce a great game for both the eyes and ears. Game Play 9.0/ 10 This game is for one or two players. You get 5 different characters to chose, form. A Basket ball player, Figure Skater, 2 Tennis Players, and a Base ball player, each one is know different from the next unless you consider their looks. You first play Jeopardy, then Double Jeopardy, and then Final Jeopardy just like the Television show. When the categories are presented to you, you have the option of asking for new categories if you don't know much about what they show you. There are all sorts of categories, like Classic Football, Basketball, Olympics, numbers, potpourri, Baseball, Ice Hockey NCAA and many more. Even if you seen the category before the questions will be different though. It is more fun to just keep the original categories, than changing because you don't know much about what has been shown. You have about 30 seconds to type in your response after the question has been read and the timer starts counting down. Spelling errors aren't counted, so if you are not good at spelling then you will have a hard time. Although you can cheat, you can type in as many names as you want and if one of them is correct then it will be counted. When naming a person you only have to know their last names. The same thing with cities and states, I wouldn't advise this takes away from the game and I consider it bad. Playing with 2 players is a lot of fun, because sometime neither opt to go first because they want to see which one is wrong. You can also practice by choosing one player and play by yourself or you and a friend can play with the , or by yourselves. The difficulty is intermediate, and their isn't and save or passwords. Overall 7.0/10 This is still a good game, and on a rainy day it poses a good challenge and quite a fun one. The replay value is high, unless you played this a million times, you still will run into new questions, or at least in a different order because their always random. The Fun factor is high to because with two players go 1 on 1 it can get heated, and there is some strategy involved. Which is different from real life because in the real show you don't know your opponent's weaknesses. This game you do if, you're boxing buff just take all the boxing questions to knock them out of contingency. This game is more adult generated because younger audience may not know some of these questions. The only problems I had were it was too easy to cheat and it took the fun out of this game, they should of put something in to stop that. Same thing with numbers just put in all of them and you'll get it no matter what. If you are looking for a good game, to test your vast sports knowledge then looks no further than this one.

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