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Reviewed by Inkhands Jammit is a basketball game. There are three courts, all of which are street courts. There are two modes of play, one player and two player. There is also a demo mode that allows you to watch the play the . The one player mode has you playing through a set of seven different type of one on one games. You choose to play as one of the three players provided and you make you way through these seven games. The three players consist of two men, Slade and Chill, and a woman, Roxy. It really doesn't matter which one you pick, because they all pretty much play the same. Now at the start of the one player mode you have 300 dollars. You will play against one of the other players and you have to clean them out of all their money. They will also start with 300 dollars. You can bet 100, 200, or all 300. Once you win all of their money, you can move on to the next game in the set of seven. So, you could play three times and win 100 dollars each per game, or you could just risk it all and try to win all the money on just the first game. This continues through the rest of the game. You have to win all the money the other player has before you can advance to the next game. There are seven total games. They each have their own rules and their own goals. Some of these games enforce fouls and some do not. The other option is whether or not the winner or loser outs the ball. In the one to one game, the object is to score 21 points before the other player does. All these games are scored differently than regular basketball games. A regular shot will earn you one point instead of two. A basket made from behind the three point line is worth two points, instead of three. Some of these games also have X places on the court, and these are sometimes worth 2 points as well. Frenzy is the only game that involves two basketballs. You can only score from one of those X marks on the court. There are only two X's on the court at any time. They will stop, move, and stop again. If both of them stop in the same location and you make a shot from that spot, you will get two points. Otherwise, a made shot is only worth one point. The first person to 10 in this game wins. In Poison you play to 21, but if you get 20 points, your total will be cut in half and your total will be 10 points. Slams only is pretty self explanatory. The only shots that go in are dunks. Sweat is exactly like one on one, except the fouls are not enforced and the winner outs the ball instead of the loser. In two it is very much like frenzy. There are two hot spots marked by the X and you can only score from those marks. However, the fouls are enforced and there is only one ball. Two hot is also the same as one on one. The first to 21 wins, there are fouls, the winner outs, but there are also two hots spots in this game, worth two points. At any point during any of these games you can pause the game. You can select to continue, quit, or use a thing called Pump It. You have three of these and it's supposed to help your performance. I don't really notice much of a difference when I use one of these. I think if you make a shot while using one of these your points will double. The entire point of this game is supposed to be the element of trash talking. At every turn in this game the players will be bashing each other verbally. Such things as "you're not so tough", "air ball", and "you lose" are just three of the many taunts and put downs you will hear. Of course the thing is they all are very clean and in my opinion are all very mild insults. None of them are interesting or funny, but instead they are quite annoying. The good thing is you can change the level on the options screen. Lots of trash, some trash, and shut up already are the three options available. That's pretty obvious you can have a lot of speaking, mild, or none at all. The music in this game can be turned off on the options screen. You can also select to the turn the bass boost on or off. During the game there is a radio next to the court. You can run over and select between the different songs to decide which ones you want to hear. Of course, you might not have a lot of time during the actual game to be fiddling around with the radio, but you can if you like. The music is rock and not all that good anyway. The look of this game fits the street court setting. You have the concrete courts and the brick walls with graffiti painted all over it. The players are very large and pretty well detailed. You only see half of the court at any given time. There is supposedly three courts, but they all look very similar, so it really doesn't matter which one you are playing on. Pretty good graphics, but not the best I've seen. They also look a little too grainy and dull. It's as though someone drained the color out of this game. The control is pretty good. The A button lets you jump in the air, press it again to actually let go of the ball. If you get close to the goal and shoot, it will cut to a closeup of the dunk. The B button let's you push the other player down on defense, but on offense it allows you to do some spinning to get around the other player. The C button does pretty much the same thing. The control isn't great, but doesn't prove to be much of a problem in the game. The challenge is a bit high in some of those games, but less than medium in others. Sometimes, it's just a matter of knocking the other player down. For the most part the ball will go in almost every time in some of the games. However, in a game such as Frenzy, in which you have to make the basket from the hot spots, you might find yourself missing more shots than you're making. Also, the money factor adds a little more strategy to the game. You could go for betting it all, or be more conservative and only bet 100 dollars per time. This game uses the password system. After you clean one of the players out of their money, you will get a password. This makes the game a little easier, and the password is quite small, only seven characters long. Replay value really doesn't exist in this game. I played through it once three years ago and never had the desire to play it again. I only picked it back up to play it again to do this review. So I'm going to say the replay value is quite low. I love basketball, but this game doesn't keep me interesed. It's a little too short, a little too boring and annoying as well. More modes and more games would have made it much better. I'm also quite sure the 2 player mode is much more interesting than the 1 player mode. It certainly doesn't offer much in the fun factor category either. If anything, all the trash talking, is more annoying than anything else. Or at least tell the players to come up with some better insults and taunts than the mediocre ones they constantly throw around. Overall, play this game at your own risk. It's not terrible, but certainly not enough to keep someone that loves basketball, like myself, hooked. Graphics - 6/10 Sound - 6/10 Control - 8/10 Challenge - 6/10 Fun Factor - 5/10 Game Play - 6/10 Replay Value - 3/10 Overall - 5/10

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