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Golden Axe

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Golden Axe was a very fun game and me and my friends use to play this one for days. Everything about this game brings back old memories of better times. This is truly one of the better Genesis games. The graphics and everything about this game is close to the arcade counterpart, if you loved the arcade one be sure not to miss this one. Visuals 9.0/10 The graphics were great. Each character was nice and large, well the Dwarf wasn't. The backgrounds looked great too, and everything moved in arcade like speed. The enemies were nothing more than pallet swaps at times, but you won't be thinking about that, when your fighting against legions of bad Silver guys. Audio 8.5/10 Some memerable music played through out this game. I especially enjoyed the music during the bonus stage when you had to take the bottle from the little Green midget. Most of it sounded like the arcade, a very good import on Sega's part. The Sound Fx were pretty good too. With some screams by dragons and such. Game Play 10/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. You had 3 characters to chose from, and the game didn't give names but I will describe them to you. Their's a lady she is fast and she is a great Magic user. Then there is a guy who is Big and muscled he can do magic and he is kind of strong and quick. The last is the Dwarf he is fast and he is mega strong but he isn't good with magic he was my favorite. Besides the regular story mode their was a vs. mode. You had to fight one on one with all the monsters in the game, this was a great test of skill and it really helped you towards the story mode. The story mode was real fun especially with a friend, the coolest part would be riding monsters. Each one had a different ability one whiped his tell, then their were two dragons. One dragon blew flame the other shot 3 fire balls. These guys really helped you in battle but if you get off them for too long they will run away. The difficulty is intermediate and their isn't any save or password features. Overall 9.0/10 This is a truly great game, and one of the better old games you can find for Genesis. You really can't go wrong with this game and you will be playing it for while because this game is just a fun game to rack up points and beat a lot. If you like side scrolelrs and you want one that is fun with friends then you can't go wrong with Golden Axe.

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