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Golden Axe II

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Reviewed by AKMooseMan The follow-up to Golden Axe is another solid action game, and hard not to like. Fight your way through waves of monsters, lizardmen, skeletons, minotaurs, etc. What's not to like? You can adjust the game pretty well with the three difficulties and the adjustable health meter. It's for two players, so you and a friend can play together. Which is what two players means, so I guess I really didn't need to point that out, eh? Aside from that, there's "The Duel", a mode where you're in a room in which you battle through rounds of a monster, or maybe a couple, getting harder and harder. But no matter how you choose to play, if you don't have fun, there's something wrong with you! Or you don't like this type of game, whatever the case may be. Graphics: 10 out of 10. I think this game's got pretty good graphics. The graphics haven't really aged so much that they look horrible. The levels all have their own look, as do the different enemies. The spells are nice to watch, especially the most powerful ones, as they should be. All in all, nothing wrong with the visuals. Sound: 10 out of 10. Nothing to complain about here. The majority of the tunes won't be stuck in your head like songs from a game like Final Fantasy 6 will, but they're good nonetheless, and fit the mood of the game very well. I especially like the song that plays during the closing credits. That one has been stuck in my head once or twice, acutally. The sound effects are just as good as the music is. Story: 2 out of 10. Dark Guld has gathered an army and is wreaking havoc all over the world. Three heroes band together to stop him. The points are really just for the continuing of the original Golden Axe's story, other than that it's not an unfamiliar concept. Control/Gameplay: 10 out of 10. Pretty easy to handle. You just head through the levels pounding away on your enemies, fighting the bosses and advancing towards the end. The levels aren't long, though, and are pretty fun to play. You can pick up dragons to ride on, get spells, and trick stupid enemies into walking off cliffs to their death, which is either the results of stupid programmers of stupid monsters, who knows. You jump, attack, and use spells, which increase in power from level 1 to 3, 4, or 6 depending of which of the three characters you choose. There's also a dashing attack, the ability to lift enemies, and a high jump and stab move. The controls take about half of the first level to master at the most, and the game doesn't really get to boring. Replay Value: 6 out of 10. You're likely to play "Easy" first, so you've still got the harder modes to conquer. Plus, your strategy is obviously a lot different if you are alone or with a partner. Add in the duel, and once again, it all depends on how you play. But if it does get boring to you, set it away from a few months, then play again. Overall Score: 8 out of 10. This was the second of three games I bought for a total of $15, along with Road Rash and Shadowrun. Well worth it, just like the others. A very solid game, and if you've never played it, you should see if you can't find it somewhere and pick it up. A great addition to anyone's Genesis game collection. Hoping you've still got yours. So go buy it!

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