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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Of all the ghost games, I find Ghostbusters the hardest game the most and childish in some kind of manner and even the graphics are repeating the dull colours that aren't attractive. Graphics - 7 The graphics uses too dull colours (except in certain parts) that makes the game scarier. The worst part is all the graphics look almost the same with different colours. Even the background don't look even attractive. It's disgraceful! The characters have different line of colours together with different patterns and you can heave a sigh of relief for that. But, if you look at the same, old background, you will be bored immensely. Music - 7 The background music is not really nice and I prefer to hear other music than this. Although sound effects are used nicely at times, the background music makes this game worst still. Gameplay - 7 Not a good game to play. You can choose a couple of characters (I forgot their names) and you will shoot ghosts and destroy the boss. Basically, the Ghostbusters team will make money when they enter people's house and terminate ghosts for them. That means you can buy items and weapons to help you in your journey. As you proceed, the level gets miraculously harder which you will tear your hair off for that. Nothing special, really. Certain enemies are TOO challenging, in fact, you will need some long time of thinking to get past certain parts. You will also need very good controls here so, make sure you are a skillful player first. Replayability - 6 You don't want to play this game all over again, don't you? No, my guess is no. Overall - 7 If you really like ghost games or is a total fan of Ghostbusters or a skillful player and want to test your skills, then you should like this game. Either wise, don't buy it. You won't like it unless you fit into one of the above categories.

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