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Garfield: Caught in the Act

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Anyone like this feline cat, Garfield? The one who always disturbs Odie? If you do, or an action-game player, then this game is nice for you. Graphics - 9 The graphics are used nicely at every parts of the game. The colours are used in variety to make that certain place look more dangerous or scarier! Backgrounds are okay with the normal colours and other stuffs that are used in almost every action game like this. The animations are definitely superb! How Garfield moves and attacks and other enemies and characters animate is really cool! Music - 9 The background music is just nice to listen, suitable for a game like this. Gameplay - 9 Garfield is trapped in the television and Odie and he must go through a series of magnificently created zones to get out from the disastrous television. In certain levels, you will find Odie becoming the evil character and you must attack him. Also, every level will have its own time. Example, in the beginning, it will start with the Stone Age meaning that weapons and enemies are all stone-type. Certain bosses and levels can only be got through with strategies. If not, you will probably be stuck at that particular place forever. Variety of enemies is awaiting you in each level, teamed with traps that are hazardous to Garfield. The innocent Odie will look really funny in his evil form. The game is smooth with no glitch or problems. There are also secret levels that has dozens of items for you to get to top up your lives and other things. Replayability - 6 There is nothing to do really, once you complete the whole game and master it already. Maybe you might want to replay it again for fun. Overall - 9 A superb action game starring Garfield and friends! This game is definitely fun!

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