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Frank Thomas Features Big Hurt Baseball

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Reviewed by Greatest One Baseball games are probably the most boring of the four major sports video games. That's why these games need big name stars and cool features to be successful. Big Hurt baseball for the Sega Genesis has both. It features Chicago White Sox slugger, Frank Thomas a.k.a The Big Hurt. The game features a bunch of modes such as single match, playoffs, world series, season, home run derby and clutch time. The season mode is decent. You pick your team and take it through the baseball season. Your stats are tracked throughout the year, but not the other teams'. Also every time you face a team, you always face their No.1 pitcher. The playoffs and world series modes are exactly what they seem like, except you can pick the teams. The home run derby is pretty cool. You can select a few sluggers from any team and find out who is the best home run hitter. You can also pick which stadium the event is going to take place in. The length of your home runs are also measured. Perhaps the best mode in this game is the clutch time mode. Here you are given a few pressure packed scenarios and you have to achieve the objective. Some of these include keeping a no hitter intact, or coming back from a ninth inning deficit. The different scenarios are pretty interesting and this mode should be in the modern baseball games. Overall, this is a decent baseball game, but newer games probably offer more. Graphics: 8. The graphics are pretty good. The players look realistic and the stadium models are nice. Sound: 7. There is no commentary and the sound effects are average. Gameplay: 7. Controls are simple. Hitting a grounder through the infield is a fantasy as the infielders always stop the ball. Replay Value: 6. The game does get old. Once you finish all the clutch time scenarios, there isn't much to go back for. Lack of multiplayer hurts. Overall: 7. This is a decent game, but there are better ones available.

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