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Fatal Fury 2

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Fatal Fury 2 is leaps and bounds beyond the original Fatal Fury. This time you get even more characters way better graphics, special moves and better over music. This game is one of my favorite fighters of all time, even better than the great Samurai Shodown series. I'm glad this went on to be King of Fighters, well some of the characters did the popular ones. Upon first inspection I realize some of the characters didn't return from the original Fatal Fury which is a huge disappointment. I hate it when games do that the newer ones aren't half as cool, well some of them are though. All the old favorites made it back so That's a relief. Story 7.5/10 One year ago a tournament, which would crown the King of the Fighters, was held. In this tournament 3 men team together to destroy the ultimate evil has known as Geese Howard. These 3 and brave men were Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard, and Joe Higashi. Together they toppled the mighty Geese Howard, and Terry Bogard was crowned King of the Fighters. Everything seemed back to normal and the 3 young men went their own separate ways. Until one day 12 people got an invitation for another tournament, this baffled these 3 men because they thought they killed Geese. It wasn't Geese who were holding the tournament it was a man known as Van Kaiser, a predecessor to the powerful Geese Howard. These men and many of the other contestants will stop at nothing to see the end of this once and for all. Kaiser is not alone he has 3 other men who are guarding him. Billy Kane, Lawrence Blood, and a George Foreman looking boxer dude. This story pretty much is like any other fighting game, a main hero or 2 are out to defeat some evil menacing boss who wants to take over the world. I still like this plot better than most plots, even though they all are the same. Graphics 8.0/10 The graphics look great everything is done well, and the graphics blew me away. If you ever played Fatal Fury 2 in the arcades you will know what I mean, they are quite close to the arcade. Size movement and everything. The backgrounds don't look as great as they use to; I remember them being more vivid and brighter in the arcade. Here they look slightly faded and just not as clear as I would have really liked them to be. Though this doesn't hamper the experience at all the size of the sprites more than makes up for the lack luster background. The graphics do score well, and I really like the little touches that put on the characters to make them appear more realistic. Sound 7.5/10 This game music is great. Every stage has great music, some of the best music I heard on a Genesis fighting game. The fighting sounds great too, with the infamous "Allow Me" from Terry, it sounds just as clear hear as it did in the arcades. I'm not a big fan of music on fighting games, there usually distracting but this one isn't it is some of the best I heard. Some over people said things too, but most of it was in Japanese or in another language, it sounded quite clear. The music really helped out the graphics and both of these areas real score high. Game Play 9.0/10 This game is for 1 or 2 players. It is a fighting game; best two out of 3 rounds is the victor. There is a story mode, and a vs. mode. Vs. Mode are where you play against a friend or a , in this mode you can choose every character even the bosses. On the story mode you cannot, you can only choose the 12 regular characters. Each character has special moves and desperation moves. Super moves can only be done when your desperate, when your energy is red and flashing, these are very powerful and just two of them can kill an opponent. Special moves can be done anytime. Then there was also something unique that allowed you to fight on two different planes. If you pressed I think the Z button you would switch planes and you would be either facing your opponent. From the point of you of either they're back to you or you actually facing them. You could do some incredibly cheap moves from the other plane as well, and also roll out of the corner in case your opponent is very cheap like me. This wasn't thought out to well, some people just keep switching planes and getting in a cheap shot. This is one of those games you can't beat on beginner, you must beat it on normal or higher to receive an ending. Because of that this game difficulty is intermediate, because it is a waist of time to beat it on beginner, unless you just want to get the feel of the game then be my guest. There is no passwords or battery back up. Overall 8.0/10 This is a very good game and I enjoyed it quite a lot. This is one of the few Fighting games on Genesis where you might be all the characters and see the endings, most games get boring after a while. With a unique hero type, and not the wise and noble ones where use to seeing in other SF clones. The replay value is high because at least, and possibly more than half the characters you may want to see their individual endings, all though these endings could of used some work. The fun factor is pretty high too, this is a very fun game, and its fun to have tournaments wit hfriends to see who is the best. This game actually has a tournament mode and its mega fun even woth just two players, it's an elimination type though. If you played this in the arcades or played other versions then I would advise you to get this one too.

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