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Evander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' Boxing

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing was a pretty good boxing sim. Way better than some earlier sims like Buster Douglas. The graphics were tight and Holyfield looked exactly like his real life counter part at the time this was made. The sounds could have been better were overall reasonable. This game was pretty good but left much to be desired from it. Upon first inspection this game was pretty good and I really played it a lot, but when you delve deeper into it you will realize what you actually have. A good boxing sim that had potential to be even better. Story Well their isn't really a story when you think about it. You are a young street fighter and you're trying to work you're way to the top of the heavyweight division. Holyfield just became champ and he is undefeated, it's your job to try and take him down. Not easy tasks considering you have to fight you're way through 30 over boxers just as hungry and blood thirsty as you. You have to train hard and tough to get your shot. Well considering that is the story on almost every boxing game, fight through a bunch of guys to work your way to the top and beat the champ at the time. Nothing real knew, but you really don't think about a story too much. Graphics 9.0/10 The graphics were great. The boxers were huge and drawn real well. Everyone was fictional except Holyfield but the guys did have distinctive looks. The view was a side view and the arena changed a little bit. Well you had a little screen on top next to your power bars this informed you what part of the ring you were in. Even though you couldn't tell you were on the ropes from the main picture look up there and you can see. In the beginning of your lustrous career the arenas are practically empty. This made the game seem a quite more realistic even though all the people looked similar with only maybe 6 different types. The ring girl looks pretty good too, and she was design well. Sound 7.5/ 10 Except for the generic music in the beginning and in between fights there wasn't any. All though the music in the beginning was pretty good, it wasn't spectacular. Your heard fighting sounds like punches and the ref's count. You even had taunts once in a while, which were usually, a guy calling you a wimp or saying come on, and even come on and fight you wimp. The audience had a weird way of chanting when you were down, and you heard your heart pounding sort of. Well That's what the Genesis was trying to simulate. All in the entire graphical and sound department were great. Game Play 9.0 /10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. You had two modes of play exhibition, and career. In exhibition you picked any boxer you wanted even Holyfield, and slugged it out with the top fictional competition. You and a friend or a could do this. Then there was the career mode where you made your own boxer. You made everything from his hair cut his face skin complexion, and his trunk color. Then you give him starting stats; the best thing to start with was speed and power. Speed and Power could get you past the beginning competition. Then as you won fight you got the option to choose 3 different types of training, training like weight lifting ultimate gym spa and many others. Depending on what stat needs to be raised is the one you choose. Every 5 or 10 fights that you have, you will see Evander Holyfield, well not really see him, he will be on a black & white screen, he tries to discourage you by saying things like if you fight me I'll crush you. If you win the title, and after 25-30 fights you will start weakening. Even if you win your fight eventually you won't be able to keep your stats up like you use to, and you will probably lose your belt if you don't retire, and keep falling down the ranks until your are force to retire after 40 fights. If you happen to stay on top and get career earning of over 50 million dollars, you will be remembered as the Greatest. Even after you retire you can go to this screen and see that your name and record and how your boxer looked is still their. The difficulty is intermediate, although when you first fight Holyfield he will seem unstoppable, but he can crumble just like anybody else. There is a save feature to save your career and your greatest. Overall 8.0 /10 This was still a pretty good game marred just by a few things. The game was actually too easy, if you made a guy with all speed and power and corner the opponent you could easily drop him. Their should be some type of evade move to get out of corners, and it seem liked they were all over the ring because you can constantly trap even when your not near the ropes. The replay value was pretty low too, because they were nothing to do besides trying to become the greatest. The fun factor was high if you had a friend along playing, but it seems harder to trap human player in the corner than the player. Well besides the trapping thing this was an excellent boxing sim. All though others on the market like Muhammad Ali Boxing and some of the others were clearly better than this. This was Sega's first try on a boxing game, and I have to admit it was a good one and all the little quirks and problems were worked out on Greatest Heavyweights. If you like Evander Holyfield and you like boxing this is a definite game, for you because even though the few problems it has its an over all good boxing sim and an enjoyable one during your first play through.

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