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Evander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' Boxing

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas Graphics: 8: The boxers looked pretty good during gameplay and were nicely detailed, well for an old Geneseis game released around 1992 it was. All the other gameplay menus are done nicely as well. Sound: 7: No annoying background music during matches. All the sound effects are done nicely from all the punches to the bell toll at the end of the round. Gameplay: 9: You could do a lot in this boxing game. The object was to create-a-boxer, and have him go against all the other boxers in a certain league. For every win you get more money and after every fight you get to upgrade one of your personal attributes. After every 5 or 10 fights a screen with Hollyfield on it will give you encouraging tips. After you make your way to the top, your boxer will begin to show his old and his attributes will begin to low, and Evander Hollyfield will pop up and retiring you. Gameplay during boxing is really simple to learn, eather to do low or hard jabs to the stomach area or the head. During each round as you get beat up, there will be a little head portrait and chest portrait of your boxer, as he gets beat up a certain red "blood" meter will start to cover it up, if it gets filled completely you will fall down and the other boxer will win by ref's decision. Of course there's also the standard life bar in boxing games and the more "red" your chest and head gets the less energy you can regain in your life bar during rounds. Replay Value: 8: You can go against your friend in 2-player mode, and battery-backed memory saves your progress with your created boxer through his boxing league. Overall: 8: Sega sure did good in this boxing game. Later around 1994 or 1995 it would release Greatest Heavyweights on the Geneseis which used the exact same boxing system as in Real Deal Boxing, but featured all the greats like Hollyfield and Muhammad Ali. So if you don't got Greatest Heavyweights and you are looking for a good boxing game on the Geneseis, grab this title.

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