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Eternal Champions

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Eternal Champions was a great game. It had great graphics, sound, and the controls were easy. This was also the first fighting game that I know of to take advantage of the 6-button controller. Story There are 12 Eternal Champions. They are fighting to be brought back into time, moments before they died, so they can change their lives. They all come from different times in history like, Shadow was in 1993, and Larsen was from the 1930's, the robot fighter was from the future. They all had unique stories, and died tragically. This story is very unique for a fighting game. Graphics The graphics were great for the time this game was made. Every character was large and drawn nicely. The backgrounds represented the time period each character comes from quite well, and the scene of their deaths. They are done very well, and have much detail. I especially like Larsen's board with the movie theatre in the background. All the backgrounds are interactive so you can do your fatality. Sound The music is great as well. Each song depicts the time period quite nicely. From the futuristic up-tempo beats, all the way back to the drums of the cave man's stage. The sound FX was done nicely as well. The sounds off weapons, and things going on in the background don't distract you much, from the action too much. Game Play This game is for 1 or 2 players. This is a fighting game so usual moves apply here. The special moves system is very unique. You have a bar, and each time you do a move the bar is getting used up. Because some of the moves are extremely cheap like Shadow's invisibility. On two player mode you can op to have this removed but that's cheating. There is also player practice, you can play against holographic images of your opponents, to practice your deadly combos on. Or you can play against floating censors, which you hit for points. Then there's a tournament mode you can choose 2- 64 players in this tourney. Elimination or double elimination is the options. You can also play the story mode, and regular vs. mode. The fatalities are unique; your deathblow has to make the opponent fall in a certain area, so something from the background kills them. Some are hard and cool, the easier ones aren't as much so. There is also instant replay, and you can replay the entire match. The game's difficulty is adjustable, and there is no saves or passwords. Overall 9 out of 10 This is a great fighting game, and with all the cool and unique options this will have you replaying it a lot. There really isn't a "Boring" character, every character in my opinion is equally good. The replay ability is very high, which is always true in fighting games, because of all the character endings, and learning all the fatalities as well. This game is loads of fun with a friend, and has some redeemable values by yourself as well. There was also a prequal to this game as well, called X-Perts. This is a definite get for fighting game fans.

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