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Earthworm Jim

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Earthworm Jim was a truly great game, and one of the best on Genesis the time it came out. Nothing out there really compared to it at the time. It had it all graphics sound a good story and best of all it was fun! Not too many games could say all of that, this game spawned a sequel and a cartoon show plus a toy line. The only thing missing was a Earth Worm Jim side kick now that would have really made this game truly great. Upon first inspection I didn't like the premise but now I think its one of the best games and ideas ever. Story 10/10 What a great story this game had, it was also pretty strange. An Earthworm named Jim was crawling along doing his daily Earthworm routine. Mean while in outer space, a small war was going on. The war was between Psycrow and a small rebel ship. The small rebel ship has stolen the super suit design by Professor Monkey for a Head; he made it so the ugly queen could look like Princess What's Her Name. So when Psycrow blew up the ship the super suit fell out, and landed right on Jim. When the Super Suit came in contact with Jim he started transforming, into the life-size worm we know today. He over heard a conversation between Psycrow and a guard to find the princess. He felt he should help the princess and go along his merry way. The characters were Jim- The wormy hero. He is now alive and able to talk, he is pretty funny and he goes through a lot during the game. Peter Puppy- You puppy side kick. He is mild mannered and easy going. Don't get him mad he will turn into a ferocious beast. He is only around for one stage though. Princess What's Her Name- The feminine heroine of the game, she needs rescuing from the evil Pyscrow. Psycrow- One of the main villains a very annoying fellow who you will see during the special stages. He is the queen's side kick. Queen Festering Bloated Malformed etc- She has a very long name, which is very hard to remember or spell. She is the main villain and you must stop her evil scheme at all cost. You also run into a multitude of bosses like Professor Monkey for a Head, Bob, Sergeant Sludge and other wacky bosses. Graphics 9.5/10 The graphics here were the biggest draw of the game, everything in this game was done to perfectly especially in the graphical department. When this came out many considered this next generation graphics and how things would look. Maybe that was an over statement at the time but I have to say this game did look pretty good. Especially the Jim sprite he was well animated, and he looked great. I like the way the bullets seemingly looked like they only went so far but they actually could go to the edge of the screen. Shiny sure pushed the Genesis to its limits in this one and the graphics between this and EWJ2 aren't that different. Sound 9.0/10 The music in this game was great as well. I particularly like the opening theme, and how the guy said Earthworm Jim!! Besides that the other game music was great like in What the Heck? And Level 5, it sounded kind of futuristic and catchy. The sound FX were great too, because it had Jim's voice, which sounded pretty good. The gun shots sounded good too, and some other goofy sound effects that played through out the game, like Jim getting hit and he let out a little scream. Some music though could have used a little work, and some of it all though good was drowned out quite a bit by the sounds. Game Play 10/10 This game was for 1 player only. You were Jim and you had to journey through 8 stages of craziness, and fun. You were equipped with your head whip and trusty plasma blaster. You also found one other weapon a mega plasma blaster that shot a powerful shot that destroyed everything on the screen. You also had moves that helped you get to places you needed to go like head helicopter and the head whip to the hooks. You had to fight bosses on each and every level unlike the sequel where you only had a boss on two stages. You also have a very fun side game that you can play. It is where you ride your pocket rocket and try to beat Psycrow in a race among the asteroid belt. If you lose however you and Psycrow have a little scuffle on the nearest moon or planet. There are some stages that are different than the others, and some parts of the game where you control Jim without the suit. The stage is where you have to fight Sergeant Sludge through and there is a big mouth on the bottom of a snot pit ready to eat you. You are budgie jumping from your head and so is Sludge you have to keep shoulder ramming him. This stage offers a lot of variety and it is also fun. The difficulty through out the game is adjustable and their isn't save or password feature. This game is pretty hard to beat in one sit through their should have been one. Overall 9.0/10 This is one of the few gems found on Genesis. Even though it is for SNES as well, this one had an extra stage, which maximized the fun and made the game a little harder to beat. I have only one gripe there should have been some sort of Jim sidekick this would have really made the game great, even though it doesn't have this the game isn't all lost. The replay value is high there are a few secrets in the game and their worth finding like the hidden stage, which you won't find on the first play through. This game has lasting value as well you won't beat this in a weekend and its worth the buy, because in my opinion this is one of the 16-bit classics and it lives up to that right. If you seen the cartoon bought the toys or had anything to do with this than I highly suggest you buy the game that started it all.

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