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Earthworm Jim 2

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner The first game was great and some feel that this even surpassed that, well it did in almost every category. Shiny gave this game a more cartoon appeal, made the stages longer, and added to the fun. The different assortments of weapons were a big change, all though some things were good they should have been left alone. Like the special stage, and head whip swing, these are all gone and have been replaced by other things. On first inspection I liked this game but then I delved deeper and realized what I have bought, al though a good game its just not as good or won me over like the original did. Story 8.5/10 After the events of the original Earthworm Jim where Jim met the princess he soon fell in love with her. He tried everything to woo her in his direction. All though she wasn't interested in the wormy hero even though he did save her. Mean while Psycrow realized that with the Queen dead that Princess What's Her Name would be in line to become the next Queen. He decided to kidnap her and run away to a Las Vegas type planet to marry her, so he would be king of the Galaxy. Jim here's of his plan and decides to thwart his scheme. The characters are: Jim: You're run in the mill super sized worm. He is the main character and he is on his quest to save the princess again. Psycrow: The main villain in this game. He tries at all cost to get at Jim, even by throwing Jim's friend Peter Puppies, children out of the window of an abandon barn will he stop at nothing? Princess What's Her Name: the damsel in distress. She is inline to become queen and soon to be married to Psycrow if Jim doesn't put a stop to it. Peter Puppy: Jim's lovable friend and side kick. Over the course of the previous game Peter has grown, and had a million puppies. You will see him in the bonus round getting his puppies back, yes he still has the ferocious temper and will turn into a monster if Jim drops too many puppies. Well all these characters make their return from the original nobody got lost or changed in the sequel, which is a good thing. Al though this game is good it still doesn't hold my interest like the original did. Graphics 9.5/10 Jim kind of looks goofy in this version. Last Year he would stand still and look pretty tough, this time he sort of runs in place and looks pretty energetic. All though he seems a bit smaller he is still very detailed, and the little face icon on the top of the screen goes through the different facial expressions with Jim. The backgrounds too the biggest changed everything is highly detailed and it looks great. The enemies as well look stranger and more detailed than last year. The graphics in whole did an outstanding job to live up what was expected to fans of this game. Sound 9.0/10 The music in this one I have to say did improve over the original. Some great tunes played through out the game. Even some redone versions of the classics like in the Blind Cave Sally Stage. The First few stages reminded me of the original Jim's music but the later ones were truly great, and the sound was quite close to what the SNES did. The sound FX were even better in this version, like Jim's voice some of the enemies sounds and gunshots all sounded quite authentic an clear. The sound department corresponded with Jim's Goofy Atmosphere quite a well. Game Play 9.0/10 This game is for one player only. You get a password feature in this one a welcome change over the original. The password feature is stranger than any type that I have experience you have to find 3 flags, each flag is part of Jim's name Earth Worm and Jim. If you find them and you accidentally reset you can get skip over the stage or try and find every flag for every stage. Jim comes back with a huge arsenal of weapons such as: Regular shots, Mega Regular Shots, Ultra Mega Huge Shots, Homing missiles, Bubble Gun, and some others, Some of them are great especially the mega one's. The levels have stepped up some and are huge. There is even a level where Jim is in the ground, and he is equipped with a Sandblaster. You have Level Ate where the background is a grill with hamburgers on it you have to jump on eggs, and kill flying forks, and bendie straws. The bonus stage is different in this one, you have a huge marshmallow, Psycrow is stilling all of Peter Puppy's puppies!! You have to bounce each pup off of the pillow back into Peter's home; if you miss to many Peter turns into a huge monster and chews you up. All of this was fun; my only gripe is there should have been more bosses. Most levels once you reach the end that's it. There is nothing to do; even the last stage doesn't have a boss. The difficulty is adjustable, but overall easier than the previous version. Overall 9.0/10 Quite a good game although I enjoyed the sequel much more than this, it holds its own as one of the better Genesis games. A 2-player mode would have made this game even better too bad it didn't feature one. That and the no boss's thing ruined much of the game for me. It was kind of boring making it to the end of the stage to find no hard boss to fight, I guess this one was geared towards a younger audience. The replay value was particularly low because of the fact that there isn't nothing to do after you beat it, accept play again, and you might not want to. Although on the contrary the fun factor is high, with all the gadgets to try, out and some very fun stages like the game show will keep your interest throughout the game. If you played the original or enjoyed the cartoon then I highly suggest this one too.

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