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Dragon Ball Z

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li For Genesis owners and Dragon Ball fans, here's a good news for you. Dragon Ball Z was created and designed specially for the Genesis and it's definitely cool. Graphics - 8 Everything are quite good, including the colours that they used in every single thing, good backgrounds and the hundreds of cool animations that make this incredible game. Of course, I think the graphics could be better to make the game even better. Music - 9 Sounds a bit from Dragon Ball cartoons though they're not. These background music are battle themes that are quite good. Gameplay - 8 It's a good game of Dragon Ball Z with ten characters to choose from, Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta and many more including the evil ones like Cell. It's a normal fighting game just like Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes. Each character have dozens of techniques and moves that makes you have a hard time to remember each and every of them though some are quite useful and powerful. You can use fireballs from the cartoons (Kamehameha) and it's cool to see it. You can fly in the sky and move to the ground. With all these, it'll be quite fun. Of course, two-player mode are not absent here so you can play with your friend too! Creating combos will help you win the battle too. Controls - 8 The controls are good but as I said, there are simply too many to remember to confuse you. Also, some (which are powerful) are too hard to use as they are the combination of buttons and you must do them very fast. Replayability - 7 Once this game is finish, you will probably do nothing with this game except play with it over and over again. Overall - 8 Considering this a good and fun game, Dragon Ball fans are recommended to buy this game! You won't want to miss it!

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