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Dick Vitale Basketball

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Reviewed by Inkhands The name of the game is Dick Vitale Basketball and it deals with college basketball teams. As you can imagine from the title Dick Vitale's voice can be heard throughout the game. However, options allow you to choose just how much or how little you listen to his commentary during the game. The various degrees of speech from him are - small talk, talkative, motormouth or you can choose to have none. If you do leave it on, expect to hear the word baby a lot. As in - "Incredible, baby", "Awesome, baby" and "That's unbelievable, baby". So at least you do have the choice of whether you want to hear him or not. That's a good option to have. This game is for one or two players. There are three modes of play in this game - a practice game, a tournament, and a mode called 2 On 2 Slamfest. Practice mode is just as it says. You pick a home team and a visitor team and play one game. The 2 on 2 Slamfest is also as it says - 2 players on a team against 2 players on another one. The Playoffs only consist of 16 teams. A mode this game is seriously lacking is a season mode. The teams do not have names. You have about five conferences to choose from. The teams are known only by their state. You do have an option to rename the teams if you want to. You can veiw the plays before, during, or after a game. There are five offensive plays and five defensive plays. You can have fouls on or off. You can have the music on or off. The difficulty settings are - easy, normal, or hard. You can set the speed of the game between slow, normal, fast, turbo, maniac, or ludicrous. You can set the length of the half to either 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. The perspective in this game stays at court level, but at the center of half court. It changes views when the possession changes. The graphics are grainy and really not that good. All the colors look dulled out. The sound is adequate, but most likely you would rather turn the music and the speech off. At that point all you can hear is the bouncing of the basketball against the court. As for the control - on offense you have one button for passing, one button for shooting, and one button that allows you to toggle between your offensive plays. As for defense it's nearly the same. One button to try to steal the ball, one for your defensive plays, and one to change to the defender closest to the opponent with the ball. You can have autoswitch defender on and still change defenders manually. The plays are displayed in a little box in the top left or right corner, depending on which team you are. Challenge varies depending on the setting. Still it's about average difficulty for a basketball game. Fun Factor and Replay Value. This game isn't overly enjoyable or overly addictive either. So the fun factor is about average. As for the replayabiltiy of this game, there are a lot of teams to choose from, even if there isn't any visible difference between them. There are a lot of different game settings though - difficulty, speed, and the length of the game, which keeps this game as interesting the second or third time through as the first. Overall - What's good about this game? Somewhat fun and the control is good. What's bad about this game? No season mode. Graphics aren't that well done. Bottom line - This game is average at best. Would I buy it? No, but it is an okay diversion for an hour or two. Graphics - 5/10 Sound - 5/10 Control - 8/10 Gameplay - 5/10 Fun Factor - 5/10 Replay Value - 5/10 Overall - 5/10

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